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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Getting Prepared for Summer Camping


Crystal Cove

We have tried camping a couple of times with our children but was never able to have a successful camping trip because of being unprepared. We never invested in a proper tent, camping stove or camping light. The result was a terrible camping experience that left us not wanting to camp ever again. Well, as our kids have been getting older, they continually ask us if we can go on a family camping trip, so we made the commitment to purchase the proper camping supplies at Kohl’s, and give it another try.

Kohl's Camping Supplies

OC Camping

Kohl’s has a great selection of camping supplies from tents to stoves making it an easy one-stop shopping destination to prepare for our weekend camping trip. We invested in a really nice (and pretty) Coleman eight-person tent, a Coleman 3-in-1 propane camping stove, and a Coleman LED lantern. Once all our supplies had arrived, it was time to plan an epic weekend getaway.

Camping in Laguna Beach

Since we have been having summer weather in Orange County and live less than a couple of miles away from the beach, we decided to plan our camping trip at the beach. We booked a campsite at Crystal Cove State Beach that overlooked the beautiful Pacific Ocean. We then loaded up the car with all our supplies and headed to the beach for a weekend staycation camping trip.

Hiking at Crystal Cove

When we arrived at the campsite, I was overwhelmed by the beauty that surrounded it. We pulled into our reserved spot and began to unload all our camping supplies. While my boys were putting the tent up, I enjoyed a leisurely walk along one of the many hiking trails that surround the campground.

Setting up a tent

Coleman tent

Coleman Tenaya Tent

Camping at Crystal Cove

The boys were able to pitch the tent within minutes, and we were all set for an unforgettable overnight at the beach. While on our camping trip, we were able to roast marshmallows over the propane camping stove, had lunch a the shake shack, splashed in the crystalline waters, and tell ghost stories in our tent before drifting off to sleep while listening to the sound of the crashing ocean waves.

Playing in the sand at the Pacific Edge


The camping trip was a huge success, and we can’t wait to plan more camping trips during the summer. Camping trips are a great way for families to bond, and once your family has all the supplies, it is also an affordable way to have family vacations. Whether your family is an avid camping family or just getting started like mine, Kohl’s is the best place to get Coleman camping supplies (especially a camping light) at a competitive price.

Grilling at Laguna Beach

Crystal Cove Camping

Coleman Camp Stove

Coleman camping stove

Since we had such a memorable family camping experience, we are thrilled to inspire another family to spend time in the outdoors camping by giving away a $50 gift certificate to Kohl’s. Enter to win in the form below and good luck! (giveaway closed)

Kohl's Camping Giveaway

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  1. Telling stories around the campfire 🙂

  2. My favorite was camping in the Florida Keys, a tiny walk from the beach. We cooked up fish we caught and it was a nice place, the campers would start lining up in the middle of the night to get in for the next day!

  3. My favorite memory is camping with my parents

  4. My favorite memory was when I went to Canada camping. We were in the middle of nowhere so far from anything. It was so nice and peaceful. So much wildlife….will never forget!

  5. Swimming in the lakes while camping.

  6. Going camping with my dad when I was a kid is my favorite memory.

  7. My favorite memory is going on a camping canoe trip to the Boundary Waters in MN.
    thank you

  8. My Favorite memory was when I took my son and daughter and we had so much fun camping in a Lake in Idaho over the 4th of July. The beaches had white sand and the fireworks went off all around the Lake. It was gorgeous!

  9. My favorite camping memory is introducing my husband to camping for the first time ever & getting him out from his comfort zone at Delaware Water Gap. Thankfully he enjoyed it & got hooked on to camping:)

  10. This was a great article and it really made me want to look into getting camping equipment and taking my family on a camping trip. Unplug and just be sounds great to me! Thank you for posting.

  11. My favorite memory is camping with my family.

  12. my favorite memory is encountering a deer.

  13. I will remember camping while pregnant!

  14. Camping at camp. It was sleep away camp and we’d have a few days where we’d go camping out in the wilderness. It was optional but I always signed up.

  15. My favorite camping memory was camping with all my siblings and our kids, it was a great time spent together.

  16. My best camping memory was boating/camping with my dad and grandpa. It rained the whole time but I had a blast.

  17. My best camping memory was when I was about 8 years old and I was able to take my BFF with me camping for a week so I had someone to do things with other than fight with my brothers. We had so much fun swimming and going boating.

  18. I love making smores and going hiking.

  19. My favorite camping memory was urban camping.

  20. I actually don’t have a favorite memory because I’ve never gone camping.

  21. We travelled to Kentucky and camped out there as a child.

  22. Putting up a tent in a downpour of rain

  23. I enjoyed playing mini golf at some of the campgrounds.

  24. I have never been camping. My oldest son and wife go all the time. I’m sure they have many fun memories.

  25. Camping out in the backyard with my son when he was young. He thought it was such a great adventure at the time

  26. I remember going camping with my Dad near the lake and he would take us out and let us jump of his shoulders into the deep water! We would make smores and just have a great time by the camp fire at night!

  27. My dad and brother and I used to camp in the Boundary Waters in MN and on one trip we saw a moose, eagle, and river otters!

  28. My favorite camping memory was camping with my grandparents in Yellowstone when I was 7.

  29. I always enjoyed fishing when we capped!

  30. I always enjoyed fishing!

  31. My favorite camping memory was last year when we camped for dave matthews band in indiana – we got together with our good friends and ate drank and just had a good relaxing time.. and a huge storm blew though.

  32. My favorite camping memory is walking to the beach and building a sand castle.

  33. My favorite camping memory is making s’mores and singing campfire songs with my family as a child.

  34. Going swimming at the lake while camping is my favorite memory.

  35. We just started camping this year and so far have visited 4 different State Parks here in Florida. Our best memory is seeing the Manatees at Silver Springs.

  36. Camping with my cousin and being invaded by ants! The ants were annoying but we still had a great time!

  37. Going camping with my dad every summer til I was about 15. We’d go to different parks each time. It was so much fun!

  38. My favorite camping memory is camping with my best friends in high school! Oh the freedom 🙂

  39. My favorite camping memory is camping with my now husband. We set our tent up and didn’t realize until later it was on a slight incline. All throughout the night, we kept sliding down the tent. It was pretty funny.

  40. Had a great time camping with friends in high school, floating down the rivers and building bonfires!

  41. My favorite camping memory is a group camping trip in Oregon where we spent our days boating and our nights around the campfire, it was an awesome week long camp, can’t wait to camp with my own daughter this summer!

  42. I loved going camping when I was a kid with lots of other kids and dogs running around, hiking, wading in the stream….bacon cooking over the fire and smores, going fishing….so much fun!

  43. I have never been camping so I have no camping stories

  44. My Favorite Camping Memory Is When My Dad Took Our Family Camping To Some Property My Grandfather Owned In Kentucky, It Was A Great Time That I Will Always Cherish, I Loved Sitting Around The Fire Sharing Memories From My Dad’s Childhood

  45. my favorite is when we went for 4th of july and saw fire works. we had a blast tubing down the river too

  46. In junior high my sister took me on a backpacking trip for a week in Yosemite. Other than a little altitude sickness the first night, it was an INCREDIBLE trip.

  47. the first time I ever went camping, with my mom, dad and sisters!

  48. I only can remember going to Summer Church camp once – it was so much fun

  49. I have never been before.

  50. My favorite memory is camping with my girl scout troop and toasting smores along with telling ghost stories.

  51. I enjoyed hanging out by the campfire telling stories and making smores

  52. When we camped by the river with my parents. We didn’t do many activities so that is one I cherish.

  53. Camping in the backyard in the summertime

  54. camping with my family in the summer!

  55. My favorite camping memory was when my dad would take our family camping in the north GA mountains. I loved standing on the edge and fishing with him.

  56. I remember sleeping in the tent, while my parents slept in the car. LOL!

  57. i have never been camping so I don’t have a memory 🙁

  58. I did not go to summer camps as a kid.

  59. Girls camp with my ward. We stayed in these awesome log cabins for a week, made tin foil dinners and smores every night!

  60. Camping out in my backyard with my big brother!

  61. We once went camping in a hurricane. We didnt know it at the time. Our tent was 6 inches deep in water. We slept in the public bathroom floor. Boy what a weekend that was. People coming and walking around us. LOL

  62. We once went camping in a hurricane. We didnt know it at the time. Our tent was 6 inches deep in water. We slept in the public bathroom floor. Boy what a weekend that was. People coming and walking around us. LOL

  63. My favorite camping memory is catching a fish while fishing with my mom and sister. We were camping by a pond and it was my first time fishing! Even though the fish was quite small, it was so exciting!

  64. We just loved sitting around the fire and roasting marshmellows and telling scary storys.

  65. Waking up early and driving 5 hours to go camping for a family reunion

  66. I loved camping with my family when I was a little girl. We always had lots of fun!

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