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Gift Ideas for Aspiring Musicians

Do you have a friend who is interested to pursue a career in music? Or just makes a hobby out of it? Regardless, it is always a good idea to give them something they are passionate about. Here is a list of gift ideas perfect for the holidays, special occasions, or even just a regular day!

Music and Children

Musical Instruments


The number of violinists grows each day. It is inspiring to see someone perform beautiful, serene, and calm music with a harmonic rhythm. In a circle of friends, it is unusual to have someone that has interests in the violin. But if you do, then that is awesome! But keep in mind that violins can be expensive. Though there are affordable ones, your friend will appreciate a top-notch quality.

Some of the recommended brands from musicians itself are Fiddlerman, Stentor, D Z Strad, and Mendini. Observe the likes and dislikes of the person you are giving a gift to when it comes to violins. Take hints, ask in a subtle way, or squeeze it into the conversation. In this way, you will have an idea of what she truly likes.


The receiver of your gift for sure has an emotional connection with you — same with the cello. A musician has this unbreakable bond with her musical instrument. Giving a cello as a gift may be one of the most touching and exceptional presents one can receive. Besides its high fees, it is the thought that counts.

By now, you may have noticed that cellos go at a remarkably costly price. But do not be discouraged! It is more than just the money, it is about a friend, a partner, a loved one. The best cello brands in town are Cecilio, Cremona, D Z Strad, Merano, and Yamaha. One pro tip: always watch out for sales and markdown prices!


The guitar is by far the most used, prominent, and universal musical instrument that is played by many, loved by many, and looked up by many. You would not find a hard time looking for affordable, superior quality, and good sounding guitar since it has a broad selection in the market! Maybe the only problem you will encounter is choosing between a type. Acoustic? Electronic? Jazz?

A few of the best guitar brands this 2020 are the Gibson, Guild, Seagull, Yamaha, and Ovation.


There are not many flute users in town. To be frank, only a few use this! However, do not be discouraged to get this for your aspiring musician friend or partner. This is a unique and limited instrument that produces rich and nurturing sound. In fact, it comes in different types mainly Piccolo, C Flute, Eb Soprano, Alto, and Bass.

Musical Accessories


Besides musical instruments, you should add bows to the gift list ideas! Musicians change and repair their bows from time-to-time. Just imagine the hassle of repairing and dropping it off to the maintenance! Not to mention the fees they spend. Giving them a supreme quality of bow can mean a lot.

Bows are used for stringed-instruments like violin, viola, cello, and the double bass. Just make sure you get the appropriate bow for your friend or family relative. It varies per instrument and brand. The best way to get a hold of information is to ask indirectly or just bring your conversation on music related stuff.


Ask any musician about cases and storages and they will definitely agree that musical instruments must be stored in this. Cases are part of the protective measure in handling musical instruments, especially delicate and sensitive ones like the stringed instruments family.

Guitar Capo

A guitar capo is a common guitar accessory for acoustic and electric genre users. It shortens the length of the strings and raises its pitch. A guitar capo makes a huge difference on the sound playability of the instrument. Got a friend that might like this? What are you waiting for? Wrap this in a cute and nice gift wrap, now! This is also by far, the most inexpensive gift idea on this list.

Especially now that holidays are just around the corner, giving gifts is important to make your loved ones feel that you remember them. The gifts listed above are just some of the gifts you can choose from to give to your family or friend who aspires to be a musician.

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