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It’s All About Girl Power in The Incredibles 2

I attended the interview as a guest of Disney

The Incredibles is one of my kids all-time favorite animated feature films. When my teenagers (who were toddlers when the original film was released) found out that they were making The Incredibles 2, they couldn’t wait until the day it would be released into theaters. I had the honor of taking them to an early screening of the film, and they loved it even more than the first film. The next day, I got to sit down with the cast and talk about the making of the film.

All of the characters in The Incredibles 2 have such distinguished voices. Hearing the voices of my favorite characters come out of someone other than “The Incredibles” threw me off a bit. I have interviewed celebrities who have done voice over work a million times before, but this time felt different. I felt like I was sitting in the room with Mrs. Incredible, and not Holly Hunter.

One thing that I recommend doing before bringing your family to see The Incredibles 2 is to re-watch the first film. After watching The Incredibles again, I had thought that they would start The Incredibles 2 with the kids (Violet and Dash) being older, but they took off right where they left off in the first film. I talked with the Director, Brad Bird about his decision to do this and he said, “I think people take that the time that passes very literally. And they think that linearly, the characters should have aged. But if they age, their superpowers don’t reflect the part of life that they’re in and their role in the family.”

The one thing that I really loved about The Incredibles 2 is how much more vivid the lighting was and I felt like was immersed into their world while watching the film – the visual effects were that amazing. The producer, Nicole Gindle shared with us that, “The technology has allowed us to make the film look more like what Brad intended it to look like the first time. The characters are much more finely nuanced and developed. We were able to build a lot more sets more quickly. We’ve populated the world with a lot more characters that have hair and clothing. But actually that makes the world feel richer and more alive. Not to mention all the other visual effects stuff. And we’ve also got a lot of artists who have had 14 years to get better at their craft.”

My favorite thing about The Incredibles 2 is the strong focus on female empowerment. Mrs. Incredible steals the show and Violet has a much more stronger role than in the first film. We talked with Holly Hunter about it felt like to have such a stronger role in this film, and she mentioned that she didn’t know for quite awhile. She said, “It was a while before I truly realized what I was really going to get to do in the movie. And I was really thrilled. But it was like a retroactive thrill. Because over a period of months before I started gleefully singing during our recording sessions about how great my part was. But to me, it was just really fun.”

Don’t miss seeing Mrs. Incredible steal the show in The Incredibles 2. Your kids are also going to fall in love with Jack-Jack and maybe a raccoon too in the movie. The Incredibles 2 is in theaters this Friday.

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