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Girls Tween Skincare

Does your tween daughter have zits or acne? If she does, keep reading…

I am experiencing the same thing, and so are many other girls like me. If your daughter is worried, or uncomfortable about her acne, tell her that she is not alone, and this is probably just an early stage of puberty.


Believe it or not, most acne can be prevented, and here’s how:


If your daughter has a little acne, go see your local dermatologist and ask what treatment plan would help.

ACNE PREVENTION TIP: If your daughter doesn’t have acne yet, then avoid bangs. Bangs can rub against your daughter’s skin causing to clog her pores.


If you do not have a local dermatologist, then try out different cleansers. Some popular cleansers include Ottilie & Lulu (all natural designed just for teens), CeraVe and Cetaphil.

Before your daughter starts cleansing she should start with splashing her face with warm water. Next, she should cleanse her face gently in a circular, outward motion. Lastly, wash the cleanser off with warm water and dry with a fresh washcloth.

Pumpin' my cleanser.

Pumpin’ my cleanser.

Phon H. Vuong, physician assistant, Coast Dermatology and Laser Center in Laguna Beach suggests starting with a more gentle cleanser like Cetaphil. For those with slightly worse acne, she recommends a stronger acne treatment using Neutrogena’s 2% salicylic wash and a gentle scrub once a week.

ACNE PREVENTION TIP: When should your tween wash her face? Once in the morning and once at night. “Over-washing one’s face and scrubbing it vigorously can make matters worse. There’s no need to wash more than twice a day,” advises Vuong.


If your daughter is moisturizing her face in the morning make sure she uses a moisturizer with SPF; this will prevent dryness and protect her skin for damaging rays of the sun. Make sure she rubs it in evenly, and everywhere on her face and neck. Of course, your daughter needs to moisturize at night too. Her nighttime moisturizer should have no SPF in it (she needs two different moisturizers one for night and one for day).

Final step: moisturize!

Final step: moisturize!

Finally, I know zits suck, but there is a solution. Remember, even after the zits, or acne goes away, your tween should keep cleansing and moisturizing because they can easily come back.

Hopefully, all this information will make her feel that she’s not alone when it comes to zits and acne.

Sarah is an OC Mom Blog tween contributor. She’s an avid reader and writer and loves fashion, music, singing, acting, soccer and telling jokes. She recently earned her green belt in Karate.
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