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Girls, Use Your Voice

If there is one thing that women around the world just do not have enough of, it’s a voice. While we have come far in the past century as women, we still have so far to go to gain equal opportunities and experiences for women. There are still so many things wrong with the gender pay gap, the way women are viewed in the workplace and the way our bodies are policed – even in 2021. As women, we have to do all that we can to teach the girls coming up behind us and in generations beneath us to speak up and sing out when they are experiencing things that are harming them. If we don’t teach our daughters, sisters, friends and more to have a voice, women will continue to be stuck in a cycle of silence. 

Before we can teach other girls to open their mouths and talk, we have to do it ourselves. We can help girls in need, teach them to speak up for themselves and not to take the world lying down. It’s important for girls and women to use their voices as early as possible and speak up for injustice when it occurs. Some of the ways that you can help others to use their voice (and use yours, too) is with these tips:

  1. Talk loudly and confidently. If you have something to say – whether it differs from someone else or not – speak up. Don’t be forced to whisper to hide your voice and teach others that whether you are with friends and family, new faces or colleagues, speak up when you hear of injustice or anti-women remarks. If you hear jokes at a woman’s expense, say something. Tell people when their words are harmful. We do not need to bow our heads and laugh off injustice anymore, and we shouldn’t.
  2. Always support other women. One of the biggest injustices in the world’s media comes from women tearing down other women, but it doesn’t have to be that way. As women, we need to support each other, volunteer for each other and create a village of women who love, care and hold each other up. If you are in a place in which you can make a difference for another woman or a young girl, do it! 
  3. Always share the load. If you want to empower yourself and other women, start at home. From the cooking to the cleaning, being the kind ear and more, empower each other and don’t stop empowering each other. Share the load and find support and help. We must recognize the unpaid work we do in life and we must share that load as much as possible.

Get involved in the conversation. You must have seen the headlines of women being hurt, killed, ignored, stepped on, passed over and more. It’s everywhere, all the time. We have to volunteer and be in front of political conversations and more. The more we get involved in the conversation, the better. Women speaking up for each other is how we win as a collective.

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