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How To Give to People Around the World

They say charity starts at home. This is very true. When you are able to help those you care about the most, you are doing a service not only to you, but to everyone you love and cherish. Being able to help is one of the best gifts you can give to anyone. And by anyone, we mean anyone. That means those far and wide that you may never meet. If giving at home is something you have worked into your routine, and you want to start giving abroad, here are a few ways you can start to give to people around the world.

Donate to Charities

Just about every country has a charity, and sometimes, charities are unique to that specific country. There are universal woes that affect every country in the world like poverty and lack of food, but in other countries they have specific needs that affect their part of the world. Australia, for example, has an Aboriginal charity to help the indigenous population of the continent. China has charities to help the pandas, which are unique to their country, and India has charities to help in the poor areas of their country that see a lot of hunger due to the country’s overpopulation.

If you can, find a specific charity that needs a certain kind of help and donate. This way, your money won’t be going to something that is general and your funds can get lost or mixed up with other things. A unique charity for a unique country helps in more ways than you know. 

Donate Basic Necessities

Whether it’s in your own country or in another country in the world, make sure that people are getting the basic necessities of life. The best things to donate in these kinds of situations are things like bottled water, non-perishable foods, and clothing. You would be amazed how many people in your own neighborhood or around the world lack these very basic needs. These are the things that people need the most.

There are places where the water is not drinkable causing people to die of thirst. We already know entire countries are lacking in resources and their people are dying by the dozens. Giving these items, which a lot of times don’t cost a lot of money, can really save someone’s life. 

Donate Your Time

One of the other basic needs in the world is shelter. There are a lot of homeless families who are living in shelters around the world just hoping for a job or some way to be able to have a place to call their own. This is why charities like Habitat For Humanity are great places to donate your time. 

Habitat For Humanity and charities just like it, build homes so people can have a place to live. You can sign up, find a building site, and pitch in the best way you know how. It’s okay if you don’t work well with a hammer or a screw gun, there are plenty of jobs that need to be done, and an extra set of hands is always welcome. 

Donate to Education

A lot of the poorest nations in the world remain so because of lack of education. When an adult or a child has direct access to education, they can develop the skills necessary to work, start a career, and give back to their own country. The more a person can work, the more they can contribute to the world they live in. 

If you can find a great educational charity, donate as much or as little as you can. Every little bit helps. The few bits of currency you can spare will go towards helping schools get built, hiring teachers, buying books and supplies, and enlightening the mind of a child or an adult. Education gives anyone a leg up to live a great life. 

Donate to the Environment

Saving the environment is not only giving to the planet, but it is giving to the world. Helping stall climate change can save drinking water around the world, can prevent unusual storms from slamming into countries and wiping out entire populations, and can prevent unusual weather from killing crops and necessary food in smaller countries. 

The world is interconnected, and when you give the best to the world, like helping to save the environment, you are giving to the entire world. Something small as recycling, driving electric cars, and saving water can save an entire country somewhere near or far.

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