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Giving Back to the Earth with Homemade Ant Farms

It is important to me that I teach my children that Earth Day is not something that we should celebrate one day out of the year, but every day. The best way that I have been able to encourage my children to care and appreciate our environment in through gardening. We love caring for the Earth by planting fruits and vegetables every year in our backyard.

During the past six months, I have let our personal situations get in the way of my commitment to doing this with my children. With baseball practice, school band and other activities, our garden has suffered. About two weeks ago, I brought the kids back into the garden to start getting it ready for our Summer planting. When we were working in the garden, we learned that many animals had turned our garden into their home during the Winter months – especially the ants.

As we were digging up the weeds, we were also digging up the homes that many ants had built in our planter beds. The kids were worried about where the ants were going to live, so we helped to build them new homes in our garden – sustainable homes.

This was our little way to give back to the animals that we were relocating in our garden, and helping the cycle of life in honor of Earth Day.

How can you make a homemade ant farm with your kids? It is easy!


Supplies needed:

  • One large mason jar
  • 1 mini can of soda (empty)
  • Dirt from the Earth
  • Ants from the Earth
  • Piece of fabric
  • Rubber band
  • Black paper
  • Scissors


First empty the small soda can. Then insert it into the mason jar.


Take your children into the garden where they need to disturb a current ant hill. Move the dirt along with the ants into the mason jar.


Then top with some soil from the garden along with some food. We used pieces of natural dog food.


Next add a piece of a wet sponge to the top of the jar.


Then cover with the cloth and tie the rubber band around the lip of the jar.


Wrap black paper around the outside of the jar for about 1-2 weeks so that the ants can make their tunnels where the children can see. Remove the paper every couple of days to show the kids the progress that the ants have made in their new home.

Then place the new ant hill in a different part of your garden. The kids can come back and visit the ants that they helped to relocate in the garden.

P&G is hosting a Pinterest Giveaway in honor of Earth Day. Making the smallest changes like relocating ant hills is what makes the biggest impact on our Earth and environment. Learn more about what P&G is doing for our Earth on online, Facebook and Twitter.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by P&G. All of our photos, thoughts and opinions are of our own.

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