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Go Behind the Scenes with Pooh and More!

I attended the event as a guest of Disney

In celebration of the release of Disney’s Christopher Robin on Blu-ray and DVD (available today), I had a special Friendsgiving lunch with the voice of Winnie-the-Pooh and Tigger, Jim Cummings. It was a day that I will remember forever, and before our lunch, I participated in an interactive flower arranging class.

Inside of a giant honeypot, I learned some new tricks and techniques to create the perfect floral arrangement. Some tips that I learned was that when cutting the stems of fresh flowers, you’ll always want to cut it at an angle. Also, you’ll want to put the flower immediately in water after cutting the stem so that the flower can get all the water it needs. Arranging flowers is easier than I thought, and within minutes, I had created a beautiful floral arrangement to bring home to enjoy while watching Christopher Robin with my children.

Disney’s Christopher Robin is one of the most beloved movies that Disney has created. I love that we get to see Christopher Robin all grown-up living life like so many of us. The stresses of daily life are starting to get to him, and he finds himself lost in our world. That is when his best friend Pooh comes back into his life, saves him, and helps him to find happiness again. The movie is so important for parents to watch because it is an excellent reminder to all of us not to get lost in this world, and to remember to still find the time to enjoy life and be a kid again.

My favorite thing about the Blu-ray and DVD copy of Christopher Robin is that there are some great bonus features. There is:

A Movie is Made for Pooh
Learn how the “Stuffies” are brought to life

Pooh and Friends Come to Life
See how love, magic and special attention to detail were put into every frame

Pooh Finds His Voice
Follow the iconic “voice of Pooh” from voice actors Sterling Holloway to Jim Cummings

Pooh and Walt Become Friends
Explore the legacy of Walt Disney’s love for Winnie the Pooh

Don’t miss sharing the magic of Disney’s Christopher Robin with your children today. The movie is currently available for digital download with Movies Anywhere, Blu-ray and DVD. Learn more about Christopher Robin online, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Share your love for the film on social media using the hashtag #ChristopherRobin.

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