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Gold Rush Mining Adventures at Big Bear


While staying in Big Bear last week, we rented a cabin from Gold Rush Cabin Rentals. When we checked in at the office to get our keys to the cabin, the kids immediately noticed the signage for their interactive Gold Rush Mining Adventures. We made a reservation for the next day for the kids to learn about the mining history of Big Bear while getting to mine for their own special precious gems and stones.




The kids started their adventure by picking out the stones that they wanted to discover. There was a large variety including minerals, fossils and geodes from all over the world. Once they got all their mining supplies together, it was time to go outside to the giant water wheel to start mining. Before the kids put their mining pans into the water – it started to snow! We took a break to admire the beautiful crystal creations that were falling from the sky, and then it was time for the fun to begin.



The staff at Gold Rush Mining Adventures were interacting with the kids, teaching them about all the different gemstones they were collecting and educating them on the Big Bear mining history. It was special to watch the kids eyes light up with excitement while learning about history and discovering hidden treasures.




The fun did not stop with the mining. Next the kids picked out their very own geode from one of the largest geode collections I have ever seen, and got to crack open their own geode. The staff helped to allow them to pull the lever in the machine that uncovered the most beautiful crystal creations inside of their geodes.



The kids collected all their treasures into plastic bags and brought them back to the cabin we had rented from Gold Rush Cabin Rentals. They spent hours comparing all their discoveries and trading amongst each other. The Gold Rush Mining Adventure was one of my kids favorite activities at Big Bear. My oldest son still wears his favorite gemstone around his neck to school every day, as a keepsake of the memories we created doing this special activity together as a family in Big Bear.




Gold Rush Mining Adventures is located at 40016 Big Bear Boulevard at Big Bear Lake. Reservations are recommended by calling 800-363-8303 or locally 909-866-5678.


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