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Got a New Dog? Tips To Puppy Proof Your Home

There is nothing more exciting than making the decision to bring home a new puppy. With the loyalty, love, and companionship puppies provide, your new family member will bring a sense of excitement and joy to your home that you never could have imagined. From playing fetch to snuggling on the couch, bringing home a dog for the first time is fun for the whole family. However, in order to protect your new furry family member and the condition of your house, there are certain steps you need to take.

Pet Owner Tips

Researching before you bring a new puppy home is very important. All breeds are different. With smaller breeds like Pugs and Yorkies you may only need to proof the lower areas of your home. If you are bringing a bigger dog home, like labradors or German Shepards, proofing the lower areas is not enough. You need to look at some of the higher areas, like countertops, too.

Dogs Are Curious Creatures

It is no secret that dogs are curious creatures. According to studies, dogs are not only curious when they are puppies but can keep that same sense of adventure and curiosity well into their adult years. This means that if there is something to explore and get into, they will. Therefore it is essential to puppy-proof your home to not only ensure your dog’s well being but to keep your belongings intact.

So whether you are looking for puppies for sale or just adopted a new dog, here is everything you need to know to properly puppy proof your home.

Cover The Trash Cans

If there is one thing dogs are attracted to, it is interesting smells. With all the different aromas from food scraps, your new pup will surely attempt to get into the garbage. If your garbage is left uncovered, you could come home to a disaster and a house full of scattered trash. In addition, if your puppy gets into the garbage, there is a chance they will ingest something that is either toxic or a choking hazard.

Contain Your Cords

Puppies love to play and may view anything as toys, including your electrical chords. In order to protect them from accidental shock and burns to the mouth, it is essential to the necessary precautions. Consider using sturdy cord covers and dog deterrent sprays to keep your pips away from any types of chargers, power cables, and cords.

Keep Your Medications in The Medicine Cabinet

Human medications are one of leading causes of poisoning for dogs each year. From prescribed medications to supplements and over-the-counter pills, dogs can easily become sick if they get a hold of any kind of medication. It is essential to make sure you never keep any type of medicine or supplement on your nightstand, bathroom sink, or countertops. Instead, safely secure them in drawers, medicine cabinets, or pantries. It is also important to store your medication separately from theirs in case of a mix up.

Get Rid Of Poisonous House Plants

While house plants may provide a welcoming environment to your home, many plants can be poisonous and can be fatal for your dog. If you are going to have house plants make sure you do extensive research to make sure the plants you choose are safe for your pets to be around and consume.

Secure Your Cleaning Supplies

Other common yet dangerous items dogs can get into are your cleaning supplies. Detergents, soaps, cleaners, and other chemicals can be extremely hazardous to your dog. It is essential to keep your cleaning supplies in a safe place where you know they won’t get into. You can even consider storing your cleaning supplies in containers with a lid for extra protection.

Give Them Their Own Space

While dogs love being around people, they also love their space. It is important to give them their own area where they can feel safe and secure. Anything from a roomy crate to a fluffy dog bed or an old couch in the basement can be an excellent place for your dog to relax and unwind. The more comfortable they are in their space, the less likely they will get into yours.

Follow These Tips

Puppy proofing your home will benefit both you and your new furry friend. Following these tips will make introducing a puppy to your home a stress free and rewarding experience.

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