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Great Ideas for a Work from Home Career for Women

Not everyone is keen on the idea of working in an office. Some people just prefer working from home, but at first, it might seem a bit limiting because there are a lot of jobs that you can’t do from home. But look on the bright side – there are plenty of them that you can do from home and for which you only need a laptop and a stable internet connection.

Working Moms

That being said, if you are forced to stay home most of the time or starting a remote career is your personal choice, the options are endless. Depending on your needs and expectations you can start streaming on the best cam site for fast earnings, or start a learning journey and build a career in tech. With that in mind, here are several great suggestions that you should definitely consider, and see which one fits your skillset and ambition most.


If you’ve got a keen eye for design, working as a designer is a rather profitable work from home career. You can design pretty much anything you want, whether it’s the logo and brand identity design, or web/app design, or even 3D designs. It’s all up to your skillset and what piques your interest.

The key to getting good clients as a designer is to create a good portfolio. You should work on a few pieces that will showcase your design skills, but also your personal style, and have them all ready for display for potential clients. A thing to keep in mind is that you should be well aware of the difference between inspiration and straight-up copying someone else’s style. One of them is completely fine, and many designers will take it as a compliment. The other is a massive no-no, and no client will want to work with you if you do it.

Once you have a good portfolio, you can start pitching it to your clients. Your goal shouldn’t be one-off projects, but ideally, a company that’s going to have you working for them as a full-time designer. This is the type of job that puts bread on the table – one-off projects will come and go but they aren’t reliable.

Working as a designer is a rather well-paid job provided you’ve got good clients and know what you’re doing, so this is certainly one of the more profitable work from home careers out there.


One of the most underrated, but also one of the most well-paid careers you can do from home, working on creating animations is an excellent way to get a good income while working from home. Sure, you’ll need to have the required skills and hardware to be able to do it, but if you do, the income is more than worth it.

Whichever type of animation you’re doing, the key to success is similar to development and design – create a portfolio, or a showreel, that demonstrates your ability to create animations. And while with design, you might want to include a personal touch and showcase your style, when you’re doing animation you’ll probably be doing it according to your client’s specifications and requirements.

The downside with animation is that it does require high-end hardware in order for you to be able to do it quickly and efficiently – you don’t want renders to last for hours when you could be doing more work during that time. But if you do have the hardware for animation, it’s definitely worth picking up as a skill that can easily turn into a full-time career.

It does take a lot of knowledge, and it does require you to have a good understanding of what your client wants you to achieve. But once you’ve got that taken care of, you’ll be able to enjoy a rather interesting career that’s pretty lucrative, too.


One of those careers that’s always in demand, development is something a lot of people confuse for a difficult, tricky career where not everyone can succeed. However, if you have the will to learn and a bit of common sense, you can actually make it as a developer.

Development is great because there are just so many different types, and you can find something that suits you. If you want to work on websites, try web development. Smartphone apps pique your interest more? Try mobile development. Want to improve the usability of websites and apps? UI/UX design and development is where you want to be.

To make things even better, even if you don’t have the required skills at first, there is certainly no shortage of online courses that will teach you everything you need to know. You can start from the basics, and keep at it until you’ve got enough skills to start tackling some real-life projects.

Here’s a tip if you’re just starting out – work on practical projects. Even if you don’t have clients, try to develop things on your own. These are all things you can use for your portfolio, and they’re a great way to demonstrate your skills to any prospective clients. It might seem like a waste of time at first, but it’s going to be worth it eventually.

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