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Why You Should Grow a Crabapple Tree in Your Garden

If you’re hoping to transform your garden, then planting some decorative trees can add a lot of color and vibrancy to this outdoor space. In particular, crabapple trees are a great choice if you’re new to gardening and want a visually appealing yet easy-to-manage tree variety. 

Keep on reading to discover exactly why you should grow a crabapple tree in your garden. Once you’re ready to commit to this project, you can find the perfect flowering crabapple tree from The Tree Center.

It’ll look fantastic in your garden

Unlike regular apple trees, crabapple trees are mostly ornamental trees rather than proper fruit trees. As a result, these trees have been developed for the appearance of their flowers rather than the taste of their fruit. 

In the spring, clusters of pink, white, and red flowers start to bloom, creating a stunning decoration for any garden. The fruits themselves, which develop throughout the summer, add to the beauty of this tree. 

You could start with just planting a single crabapple tree, but if you plant a row of them, this will create a beautiful feature in your garden. These trees could even be used to line walkways or line the perimeter of your garden for privacy.

These trees are easy to grow

As mentioned earlier, crabapple trees are great for novice gardeners. These trees are relatively drought-tolerant and easy to maintain, especially once they become established.

After you plant your crabapple tree, you will have to water it regularly for the first year. Adding a layer of mulch once a year will help keep the soil moist and full of nutrients. After the first year, you can water your crabapple tree less frequently, but make sure to water it whenever there hasn’t been much rain and the soil feels dry.

You won’t have to prune your crabapple tree too often. Each summer, you can prune the new branches if you want to make your tree more compact, but make sure you don’t prune the tree during wet weather as this can spread diseases.

Crabapple trees are universal pollinators

If you have other fruit trees, planting a crabapple tree will help those trees produce more fruit. This is because crabapple trees are universal pollinators. 

Even though crabapples are very sour and therefore not usually eaten, they can be used to make delicious preserves and jellies. If you make cider, you could even add some crabapples to your cider to give it a unique flavor!

You can find disease-resistant varieties

In the past, crabapple trees have been vulnerable to particular diseases. However, nowadays, you can easily find disease-resistant varieties – this makes these trees even easier to look after and maintain!

Crabapple trees have so many benefits – they’re decorative, easy to manage, and also great for planting alongside other fruit trees. If you’re interested in growing a crabapple tree in your garden, then have a look at the available varieties at The Tree Center – you can choose the perfect tree for you by selecting your preferred color and size.


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