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Growing Old In Houston, Texas

For many people growing old is a daunting prospect. You might fear how age will ravage your mind and body. You might be overwhelmed by a loss of freedom and mobility. You might dread having to be cared for. Each of these is a legitimate fear but should not stop the fact that getting old can be a blessing—you are living a full and healthy life, so you should enjoy each moment of it. Some might call that growing old gracefully.

supporting elderly

The average retirement age in the united states is 67.9, which means you have a lot of life ahead of you once you leave the workplace. This gives you a chance you explore places you have never been to before, try new activities, retire somewhere new and exciting, and find time to do the things you love. It is an exciting prospect to settle into old age and retirement with all sorts of opportunities on your doorstep.

The following 20 – 30 years of life from retirement count as much as the first 67, so take time to consider how you want to grow old, where you want to do it, and who you would like to be around. There are so many options to choose from; it can actually be an exciting prospect to think about. This blog is going to look at what growing old in Houston, Texas, is like. You can learn about different types of living, activities to do, weather, healthcare, and what life in Space City is really like.

Retiring In Houston

There are many reasons to retire in Houston, from the weather to the low cost of living. It is a great city for anyone who wants to settle somewhere warm and not far from the coast. One of the main draws for most retirees is that Houston’s cost is low and there is no state income, which makes the cost of living in Houston is lower than the national average.

Low income tax means that retirees who settle in Houston can stretch their retirement funds out a lot longer. Texas will never impose a state income tax since it is in the constitution, which means things like retirement funds and social security are tax-free, making your stay in Houston a lot cheaper. This is definitely something to keep in mind if you enjoy the process of filing your own taxes each year.

Living Options

Houston is home to a multitude of retirement communities and villages. All of which come at affordable prices. So, if you do want to settle here, it is worth looking at the accommodation options. From assisted living to independent senior living, Houston, Texas, has it all. For retirees that want a sense of community but do not need full-time care, independent senior living is a beautiful way to spend your retirement. You will be able to meet like-minded souls, as well as take part in community living. However, you will also be able to hold on to your independence since all independent living choices give you your own space on your own terms. These communities are best for mobile adults with no support needs.

Living independently in a community or retirement village in Houston will help you keep your lifestyle active and engaged. It is a wonderful way to fit into a vibrant community. Furthermore, you will have care on hand if you were ever to need it. So, you can see a licensed nurse or support staff if you ever need it. Finally, you do not have to live independently; you and your partner can enjoy what is on offer here together.

Weather In Houston

The weather in Houston can be temperamental to say the least. However, on average the climate here is gorgeous with hot summers and seasonal winters. The best time to visit the city or have people visit you is from March through to mid-May and late September to early November.

If you like the balmy and warm evenings of a coastal town, then Houston is the city for you. Furthermore, the warm weather is great for your health. You will certainly get your fill of vitamin D when living here, which is a great way to stave off aging and keep you healthy.

Healthcare Options for Senior Citizens

Healthcare in Houston is phenomenal, so as a retiree you can have peace of mind to have access to world-renowned healthcare. It is home to the world’s most extensive medical system, with more than 360,000 employees and health care workers. Furthermore, Houston is a city filled with medical facilities with more than 85 hospitals throughout the city. So, you can rest assured that if you do happen to need medical care that you are in the right place—Houston is fully equipped to meet your health care needs.

Activities for Seniors

Houston is filled with beautiful things to do as a retiree. From visits to Galveston Island to Houston’s great art galleries, there is something for everyone. Retirement is that time of life in which you can try things you have always wanted to do or revisit old loves, for example, your interest in good food, reading groups, or old libraries. Houston has a lot to offer those in retirement. It is a busy city with excellent public transport and tons of green space, so it is a perfect location for those that settle here.

So, with the new friends you meet in your retirement village, why not set out and explore what the city has to offer? For example, you could visit Houston’s Contemporary Art Museum to see some of the fine paintings housed inside.

Getting old does not need to be something you fear. It is a time to celebrate your life and sit back and relax into retirement. There are so many benefits to this time of life, for example meeting new people and doing new activities. Houston is a fantastic metropolis with a brilliant healthcare system and a low income tax. So, if you are thinking of somewhere to retire, this really is the perfect place to do so.

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