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Guess What? It’s ok to Talk about Botox

I am a CometiCare Mom Ambassador


My eyes before treatment


It is that one word that every mom is afraid to admit saying that they have had done. Especially living here in Orange County where there has always been such a huge stereotype around plastic surgery and injectables. Guess what? Doing Botox does not make a person vain or “plastic.” It is just something that many women want to do to reverse the signs of aging. And, it is ok to talk about it with other moms.

As Moms, it is so important to love our bodies. While our bodies are quickly aging, it is ok to take advantage of things that our parents generation did not have access too in order to keep looking and feeling younger longer.


Having our hair curled at the blow bar makes us feel good. I could be wearing the ugliest outfit, but if my hair is styled, I feel like a million bucks. The same is true for our skin. When I see another wrinkle appear on my forehead or around my eyes, I don’t feel as alive as I did before it showed up on my face.

What? You are getting Botox!

What? You are getting Botox!

I recently made the personal decision to begin having Botox done on my face. Gasp! I mentioned it to a couple of my close friends and family, and got many of the similar responses…

“Why would you do that?”
“You don’t need Botox!”
“You need to be careful they don’t mess up your face.”

I did not feel that I had the support from my friends and family that I was expecting. There was so much judgement and miss information shared with me about injectables (I heard a million horror stories). I didn’t feel that many people understood that I wanted to do Botox to have more confidence, and feel good in my skin again.

Since there was so much fear put upon me over doing Botox, I made sure to find the best doctor in Orange County to consult on injectables. I went to the CosmetiCare Med Spa in Newport Beach where I was able to talk about all my concerns over injectables, and make a long-term treatment plan that I felt comfortable starting.


Dr. Niccole at CosmetiCare said it best when he said that taking care of your skin is just as important as having regular medical visits. Our skin is our most prized possession, and caring for it, and keeping it healthy for as long as possible is important for all women. After visiting with the Doctor, I didn’t feel embarrassed anymore or felt like it was something that I had to hide from the world. It is ok to want to look and feel beautiful, and every mom should want that for themselves.

I had my first treatment of Botox, and it did not hurt. I can still move my face, and they were even able to position it in my forehead to where my eyebrows got lifted to make me not look so tired. They told me that I might have to come back in for some more units after the Botox settled. I have noticed that I need to return for a couple of more units in-between my eyebrows and to have one of my eyebrows pushed down just a little.

Stay tuned, as I will be sharing more of my experience at CosmetiCare, and hoping to encourage more of you to know that it is ok to try. It is not something to be embarrassed or feel shame about trying. Having Botox did not make me vain, it just made me feel better about the skin I am in, and I love myself more for giving it a try.


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