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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Big Air Trampoline Park in Laguna Hills is a Big Hit

As a family with two boys with autism, finding motivational and fun things to do can be somewhat of a challenge.  Their abilities are limited, their social skills need work, and the amount of sensory stimulation they can handle could be the straw the breaks the camels back on their best day.  Well I know in our house, our swing set, play structure and mini trampoline are always go to fun things.  So last week when I read there was a trampoline park opening just a few miles from our house, I did a cartwheel of joy down my hallway (not really, more of a happy dance).

Big Air OC opened this weekend and the space is amazing.  Not quite complete but for my kids needs the place was a hit and absolutely perfect.  Plenty of room to jump, areas for big kids, little kids, and of all abilities, Big Air basketball – I even managed to get a slam dunk in, dodge ball court(S), yes PLURAL, and there are a few more features to come.  There is also a great lounge area for waiting parents with beautiful leather furniture and a big screen TV.  There are video games, private party areas, and super nice bathrooms.

The staff was professional and accommodating to my kids special needs, and all the kids there were having a magnificent time.  When all you see is smiles and all you hear is laughter and shrieks of joy, you know the place is a complete hit.

The location in Laguna Hills will be open
Monday  – Thursday from 2pm – 9pm
Friday 2pm – 11pm.
Sat. 10am – 11pm
Sun. 10am – 9pm

They have plans for fitness classes, special needs afternoons, and of course they will be hosting birthday parties.

I couldn’t rave more about the place.  Check it out.  You will have to give the lawyers all kinds of pleasure by filling out waivers for all that come to jump, but save yourself some time, and do it online through the website

My little guy getting some Big Air!

Rebecca is a stay at home mom of 2 boys with Autism that keep her very busy. She has been writing her blog “The Real Moms of OC” for 2 years. She is a wife, mom, slayer of dragons, CEO of the home, bus driver, maid, short order cook and princess. She also runs through the mud and half marathons. She managed with the help of an amazing medical team to beat breast cancer and is thankfully cancer free for 3 years. After her bout with cancer she made a decision to become and stay healthy. You can find her running the trails of Mission Viejo when her kids are at school, and when they are home she is busy with the therapies that they get. Finding acceptance and promoting awareness for autism and special needs in the community is her new calling. She loves saturating her kids socially and opening the eyes of people to help them understand that special needs does not mean less than, it just means different, but you all can still be friends.

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