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Guide to Agate Street Beach in Laguna Beach


Agate Street Beach in Laguna Beach is the neighboring beach to Pearl Street Beach and Bluebird Street Beach. Actually, if you look close enough, it kinda is still the same beach. What is the different between the two? Just about 10-15 feet. Agate Street is just the next beach access over from Pearl Street, so the city gave the beach its own name.


What I love about this beach is the large rock formations. When we spend the day at this beach, we will set-up our beach blankets right next to the giant rock formations. If you squint your eyes enough, you can often get the feel of being on your own private beach.


Agate Street Beach is located right at the end of Agate Street and PCH in Laguna. Parking is super easy at this beach since not a lot of people know it is there. There are quite a few free parking places along Agate Street, and we can always (even on a busy summer day) get metered parking about 20 feet away along PCH.


When planning a visit to this beach, take a walk along the long strip of sand to visit some of the neighboring beaches (especially Pearl Street). Your family can find a beach along this strip of soft sand that is just right for your family!


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  1. Hi Shelby!

    LOVE all these suggestions. Really very helpful!! Thanks for sharing your passion.

    Colleen Shissler

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