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The Guide To Planning Your Perfect Trip

It’s time to travel again (almost). It’s been a while that most of us have had any chance to travel and explore new things. That time may be coming to an end shortly, which means it’s time to travel – or at least begin to dream about it and start making plans. 

Whether you’re interested in doing a little discovery around your city or state, or perhaps you’re more interested in traveling around the world, the further you travel, the truth is, the more you need to plan. 

For example, when I planned our trips to Stonehenge, Rome, and Asia, one of my fears is that we’d travel, suffer jet lag, and wouldn’t have the motivation or energy to take full advantage of our time. 

One of the causes of jet lag is related to a change in our sleep-wake pattern, known as the circadian rhythm. 

If you live on the East Coast and travel across the world like us, your sleep-wake cycle is the opposite. Your body thinks it’s dead-of-night when it’s middle of the day and vice-versa. 

To help reset our sleep cycles, it was recommended we take melatonin vitamin tablets to help us fall asleep and stay asleep all night. 

In other words, we had to reset our circadian rhythm to wake up refreshed and without any lingering effects from jet lag or travel hangover at all. 

Preparing For Your Trip

When planning your trip, you want to create a checklist of things to do, actions needed to be taken before departure, and all the items you need for your adventures. 

Deciding where to go should be the only stressful moment of your planning and your trip. Once you decide where to go, you want to plan your budget and find the best deals that fit your budget and interests. 

Spending a little extra time finding cheap flights, packages on hotels, AirBnB’s, and cars, as well as deals on tour packages and activities, are all essential parts of your planning and will make your trip easier and more enjoyable once you arrive.  

Create Your Itinerary

Now that you know where to go, you should explore what to do when you arrive. 

Research the area, the weather, and local customs to give you ideas of what to do once your there. 

While it’s fun to have a relaxing vacation, the further you travel, and the limited time you have to explore, you should have a list of things and places you’d like to see and discover. 

By creating an itinerary, you are more efficient with your time, have a plan that you can share with others and lasting memories, but don’t go overboard with your planning. 

Part of the greatest thrills in traveling somewhere new is the opportunity to “get lost” at the moment, so allow for plenty of time to just wander around your new location. 

Pack As Lightly As Needed 

This part of planning seems to be the most overlooked, but also one of the most important. 

You should plan to pack just the items you think you’ll need. 

Be honest with yourself; how many times have you packed for a weekend away only to discover that you used just a portion of what you brought? 

I suggest making a list of things you think you need, get them organized, and take one item from each section out. In other words, get all your shirts, pants, and other things together. Remove one shirt, one pair of pants, whatever. 

By packing lighter than you think, you’ll save time when you have to repack to return home, plus you’ll have added room in your bags to add a souvenir or two!

Pack Medicines, Vitamins, and Supplements

Just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean you should ignore your health. 

Tasting all the local favorites and delicacies are great, but you may be neglecting particular nutritional needs. And if you’re out of the country, getting specific vitamins, medications or nutrients may be more complicated than at home, so pack ahead for what you may need. 

Enjoy Yourself

This is a no-brainer. You’ve spent all this time cooped up at home preparing for your trip, you found deals to save money, you’ve created a plan of things you’d like to do, and now you’re about to depart. 

Once you arrive, take a moment to collect yourself, get registered at your hotel or what-have-you, and don’t forget the essential part of your trip, to have an incredible experience and a fantastic time.

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