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A Guide to Playroom or Nursery Setup to Foster Creative Play

If you want to raise children who are able to harness their creativity, then you might think that you need to let them do their thing, and have the walls of your home become works of art. However, you can still have a home that looks like you want it to, while still allowing your children to be as creative as possible and to play in a creative way. If you have room in the home for a nursery or a playroom, then having a designated space like that for your children to play can be so important, in order to create the right kind of environment to foster creativity.


When it comes to a space that encourages creativity, do you know what kinds of toys you should be getting? Do you know the kinds of different areas that the nursery or playroom should have? To help you know what to get in a nursery or playroom, from buying a bassinet mattress to having toys and accessories that will encourage creativity, here is your ultimate guide to helping you. Is there anything else that you would add to the list? It would be great to hear what you think. To help you know what to get in a nursery or playroom, from buying a bassinet mattress or organic crib bedding to having toys and accessories…

If you don’t put any effort into the space, then it can become chaos

Children come with a lot of stuff. Well, they don’t come with it, but they do tend to require a lot of it. If you don’t plan out the storage of all of their things, then the space that they have to play and be creative in can quickly become quite messy. Storage and shelving is so important, but think about how accessible it is for children. From a safety point of view, tall shelving units aren’t a good idea, especially if you have a little climber on your hands. It is also best to allow your children to put things away and get out the things that they want to play with, making it more of a free-play space. This is along the lines of the Montessori approach, so take that into consideration when you think about the items that you want to store and how they will be stored.

Room setup

If you have a playroom that you want to use to foster creativity, then the space should have different areas. This means that children can explore different activities and they are given the choice to choose what they play with. It can take some research looking into what is going to work best, but there are a few things that are going to make the space the most suitable. Some things to consider are:

Creating a colorful environment. You might not want to make it look like a rainbow just threw up, but bright colors or murals can help to encourage creativity and stimulate their minds.

Create a space that allows creativity to happen, no matter the age. This could be something like a chalkboard wall, low table and chairs to draw with, an easel to paint with, or having crafts and creative items within reach.
When you have some toys and different materials that help to inspire creativity, then it makes creativity easy. If your child wants to paint a picture or do some junk modeling, then they won’t be able to do it if there aren’t the resources for them to do it with.

When you have a space that has plenty of storage and can be very organized, then it can become a space for them that will grow with them as they get older.

Open shelves

If you have ideas about your storage, then make sure that it isn’t just large boxes that every single item goes in. Smaller things can fall to the bottom of a toy chest, and as they will be filled with so many things, it can almost be a little overwhelming for little hands. Which is what smaller storage boxes or having open shelving can work best. This is a good thing for a number of reasons.

For starters, it is helpful when encouraging your child to tidy up themselves. When they know where each toy goes back to, then it can make such a difference. Open shelving, and having items that belong somewhere, will also teach responsibility to children. They will know that keeping the room organized and in place is expected. Open shelving and an open play environment can provide a calm feeling for little ones. When they experience this feeling, then it can lead to a much calmer experience and make a positive environment for play and creativity, rather than a chaotic space. Open shelving can also help to visually remove clutter, which is a good thing to allow creativity to flourish. The toys, games, and imaginative play items that you have look good, so why not choose to store and display them in a great way?

Open-ended toys

What is an open-ended toy and why are they good for creative play? If you think about dressing up costumes, for example, they can be quite closed. You would need different costumes if your child wants to be a ninja or a fire-fighter. This can be something that can cost a lot, as well as end up being quite chaotic and overwhelming for little ones to choose from. Instead, when you choose toys that are open-ended, they help to allow more creativity and play as they can be used in a number of ways. Having different capes and materials, instead of formal costumes, will help your children to be creative and to choose. They can be a ninja with that, as well as a fire-fighter, so it is much better for creative play.

The more toys you have that are open-ended toys, the more that the child is in control of their play. Open-ended toys have endless potential and possibilities when it comes to play, which is what you want when thinking about fostering creativity in your children. A little planning and research, and thinking about toys in a different way, can make a difference.

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