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Guide to Cress Street Beach in Laguna Beach


Cress Street Beach in Laguna Beach has been a popular local beach destination since I can remember. The beach is often located by its historic Cress Street clock at the top of the beach access stairs. The beach has huge rock formations for kids to explore and climb, and the beach makes a slight curve creating a partial cove on the long strip of beach.


My husband and I, will often sit on the bench at the top of the Cress Street Beach stairs after a cocktail at the rooftop in Laguna.


Where is it located? It is located at the end of Cress Street and Pacific Coast Highway. It is the end of a long strip of connecting beaches, but this is one of the favorite places for families to spend the day. The only downside to this beach, is that there is a rehab facility right at the corner of Cress and PCH, so it can bring in an unusual crowd, but for the most part – you won’t ever have a problem.


Parking is tricky around this beach since it is right in a busy section of downtown Laguna. It is all going to be metered parking surrounding this beach, so bring your quarters. Another option is to park down at Pearl Street, and then walk along the beach. Cress Street Beach is at the far end of Pearl Street along the long connecting strip of sand.


Want to see more of Cress Street? Click through our photo slideshow here:








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  1. Hello! I love your blog! So I took the kiddos to Treasure Island beach because we couldn’t find Goff beach on the first try. I’ve read the blog again and now know how to find it. My kiddos are not beach swimmers so Treasure Beach was quite a disappointment. The waves were CRAZY! They could not swim. Before we take the long trip back to Goff I was wondering if we were facing the same kind of surf? I want to take the kids to a beautiful beach where they can swim and actually enjoy the water. Thanks!

    • No. Goff has very calm waters because it is a cove. Sorry you had a bad experience at Treasure Island.

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