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Parent Guide to Disney Planes

We attended a screening of Planes this week.


Disney Planes opens in theaters today so make sure you set some time aside this weekend to take your children to see this cute film.  The movie centers on Dusty, a plane with dreams of being something other than what he was built to do…he wants to be a high-flying air racer instead of a crop duster.  Clearly, there are some challenges he will face as he is not really built for his goals.  And there is that one obstacle…he is afraid of heights.

As we all do in life, Dusty seeks council from a seasoned pro to help him race his way to the top and beat out the defending champ.  His courage is put to the test many times but he conquers his fears and achieves his biggest dreams.

World Premiere Of "Disney's Planes" - Red Carpet

Disney Planes is one hour and thirty-two minutes long making it a perfect length for the little ones in its target audience.  The plot moves along at a pace where children will not lose interest; little ones may also enjoy that they can predict the plot a bit with their knowledge of Cars.  

There are many things that children can relate to in this child-friendly story line.  They will learn to face their fears and know that it is okay to fail a few times in the process.  Children will also learn many things about the trials they will face in forming friendships in life.  Dusty’s road to success is not without some issues with his friends, but they are handled in a perfect age-appropriate fashion helping children learn through these inspirational characters.


Disney Planes is rated PG which we find to be appropriate.  Honestly, we think it is close to a G rating which fairs well for it since it will draw in many young viewers.  At the screening this week, the story of Dusty and his friends captured the hearts of the children in attendance.  At a pivotal scene, a loud applause and “Yay!” echoed through the theater when things turned out the way their little hearts and minds desired.  I think every parent in the theater chuckled out loud at how adorable it was to hear and see.


Disney Planes opens in theaters today, August 9th, and is shown in 3D. The first of three movies in the trilogy, it is a story that children will appreciate for years to come.

Will you be heading to theaters to see Disney Planes with your children?

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