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Guide to Have the Perfect Moana Movie Night


Disney’s Moana is now available on digital download with Disney Movies Anywhere and will be available on Blu-Ray and DVD in stores starting tomorrow. One of our favorite family traditions is to have a movie night with friends when a new Disney movie is released to digital download or DVD/Blu-ray. During the summer, we have had many outdoor movie nights, and while we would have loved to have a Moana movie night as a “dive-in” movie at my in-laws pool, the rainy weather kept us indoors to celebrate the release of this magical Disney film.

Although we couldn’t have the movie outdoors as we had wanted, we didn’t let that stop us from having an epic and unforgettable movie night with our friends and family. Once all the children were ready to watch the movie, we dimmed the lights in our living room and began watching Moana. Since it had not been released to Blu-ray or DVD yet, we downloaded the movie using the Disney Movies Anywhere app, and the streamed it using a Google Chromecast.

The minute that the music began, our family fell in love with the movie all over again. We started our movie night with the movie night essential – popcorn. The kids munched on their popcorn while I prepared dinner.

We had an intermission during the movie where I served pineapple teriyaki burgers. Making the burgers was easy. I coated the meat and pineapple with teriyaki sauce and grilled it on an indoor grill. I then put the meat and pineapple on a bun with lettuce, and dinner was ready. The children devoured every bite of the tasty dinner, and my younger son even asked for seconds.

After dinner, the kids cuddled up on the couch with their Moana plush and finished watching the movie. I surprised them with the best part of our movie night – Moana themed Pua Cookies. The kids squealed with delight when I passed out the cookies, and they gobbled them up within minutes. It was the perfect ending to our fun movie night.

Disney movie nights is one of our favorite family traditions. I love to make themed food surrounding the film to make the movie night a memorable experience for our children. Get creative. Use our movie night ideas or think of some on your own. Download Moana on Disney Movies Anywhere today or purchase it in stores starting tomorrow, and plan an unforgettable Disney Moana movie night at home with your family. Mahalo!

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