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Guide to Moss Point Beach in Laguna Beach


Laguna Beach has some of the most beautiful hidden beaches on our coastline. We are so fortune to live in such a beautiful area, and Moss Point Beach in Laguna Beach is a true local gem.


Why do I like it?
Not many people know about it, so parking is much easier than most beaches. It also has a great nearby park, and if the kids get board we can just walk a block to the neighboring Woods Cove for a different style of beach.


How do you find it?
The beach is right at the end of Moss Street at Pacific Coast Highway.


We normally park right on PCH next to the Moss Point sign (no meters..yeah!). There is also a summer trolley stop right at the corner to help make the beach more accessible during the summer.


Tell me more about the beach
It is a popular diving beach, and also perfect for families with little kids (except during high tide). When the tide is right, the waves are small enough for parents to not have to worry as much about their kids safety. It is also a very small beach (never more than 10 families) and a lifeguard. It is like having your own personal lifeguard to help make your family beach day more enjoyable. To make it even *more* desirable..there are only a couple of stairs for hauling down your beach supplies. (I’s too good to be true!)


Insider tip
Check the surf report before planning a visit. If you come down and the tide is too high, walk to the neighboring Woods Cove beach or jump on the summer trolley to another neighboring beach. 

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