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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Guide To Visiting the OC Fair on a Budget


Are your kids begging to go to the fair, but worried that it won’t work into your family budget? We have created a guide to visiting the 2014 OC Fair without breaking the bank, and still being able to create unforgettable memories with your children this year.


Save big by bringing the kids to the fair on Thursdays, because they are FREE! Save the $10 parking fee by riding the OC Fair Express (Friday-Sunday) directly to the fair for $2 each way, plus get a $3 fair admission coupon! By bringing your family on the OC Fair Express, you’ll just be paying for the bus ride, and the discounted admissions – big savings!!


Have fun reading with your kids, and completing the summer reading form with them to get three free ride tickets by just reading two books. Kids will have a thrilling experience getting to ride their three favorite rides without costing parents any extra money.

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The games can get a little expensive, and the kids will easily be tempted by the giant stuffed animals and sports jerseys. Before coming to the fair, collect all the loose quarters in your house to bring to the fair for the kids to play the rainbow quarter toss. This game doesn’t cost parents more than a couple of quarters, and your kids will still get to enjoy playing a fun fair game.


We all know that feeding the kids before coming will curb their appetite, but the incredible aromas floating around the fair will tempt everyone’s tastebuds. Families can have $2 food tastes on Fridays from 12-4pm. Is your family not planning to visit on a Friday? No problem. Families can save big by going big with their fair food. The giant hotdog won’t break the bank, and can easily feed 3-4 kids. Look for food that can easily be shared, and families can save with their food purchases. When it comes to keeping your family hydrated, the fair offers a souvenir mug for just $5 that has $2.75 refills all-day! Gluten-free? Families can get gluten-free burgers and fries at Biggy’s!!


Keep the kids entertained throughout the day by splashing in the splash pad, digging in the sandbox or spending hours in the “Explorium Destination Kids” building. Inside of the “Explorium Destination Kids” building there are live shows, crafts, dress-up area, scavenger hunts, and more – plus it is all FREE! It just keeps getting better with families invited to tour the wide variety of livestock and Centennial!

Your family can easily come to the OC Fair and have an incredible experience without breaking the bank by using this guide. Looking for other specials, and savings? Read about all the discounts here. Have fun this year at the 2014 OC Fair!

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  1. We save every year by going on Wednesdays and getting free admission by donating whatever they are collecting each week. It is called We Care Wednesdays. Here is the link. Combine that with the free ride tix for reading mentioned in this post and you’ve saved a boat load!

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