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Gustafer Yellowgold at the Segerstrom Samueli Theater

We attended as a guest of the Segerstrom

Gustafer Yellowgold is a friendly little guy who came from the sun and landed in a lake in Minnesota. He has been entertaining kids and adults for the past few years and today we were lucky to see what he was all about.




Morgan Taylor is the illustrator and singer behind this fabulous show and all its characters. You not only get the great visuals on screen, but the musical journey he and his band take you through is great as well. Along the way we met Slim and Forrest Applecrumbie. These are very funny characters that Gustafer Yellowgold interacts with in the songs. During the show Morgan gets the audience to sing, clap and have some interaction with the characters.



The songs are very catchy and easy to understand. I really enjoyed that all the songs he sung had the words on the screen, so everyone could sing along.



My 2 year old was swaying back and forth to the music and he fell in love with his new Slim and Gustafer Yellowgold stuffed animals that they sold at the show. He danced them around the whole time we watched the show. My older boys are 8 and 10, they liked the fun songs and the illustrations on the screen. Cakenstein was Strykers favorite and Rock Mellon was one Sterling really liked. My husband and I loved the whole show and thought it was really neat how Morgan incorporated his love of music and art to form this Multi-Media performance.


Before the show started my boys got to decorate a paper tube sock for slim and then hang him up to show. We also got to take some cute pictures with the Gustafer Yellowgold backdrop and put on some tattoos. This was also the area where we purchased our merchandise.


When the show ended we were all able to walk out and get autographs from Morgan and you could also purchase merchandise then, but be aware the line is long and I suggest buying your stuff before the show to avoid the crowd.



My boys were lucky and Morgan Taylor let me snap a picture of them together before we left.
We had a great time at the show. If you do not catch the show at the Segerstrom you can also purchase DVD’s and other merchandise at

This was my kids first time at the Segerstrom Center For The Arts and they really enjoyed it. It was a wonderful venue to watch a show. I look forward to taking them back soon.

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