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Hand-Made Family Calendar for Christmas

Christmas is truly one of my favorite holidays which is why I always try to surprise my family members and make special and one-of-a-kind presents. And since Christmas also means that the year is soon ending, I have decided to make personalized calendars for my loved ones. My cute handmade gift made everyone happy, so if you missed the date to give joy to your family, there is still time! Or you can create an adorable personalized calendar next year.

DIY Calendar Tips

Why Calendar?

A family calendar lets you preserve these precious moments from the past year and finally get organized. Do you and your loved ones forget about important and not so important plans and dates from time to time? A calendar is a great way to fix it and decorate the free space above the kitchen table with a convenient and helpful overview of the upcoming events.

What Did I Use?

I have used a very helpful calendar creator software with a number of great tools and options. In addition to it, I have selected some great family photos for each month that represent the atmosphere of the month. For October, I chose a Halloween party photo, for July – a family vacation picture from the beach, and for the love holiday in February, I used a photograph with my husband and me.

I’m sure your family also has enough internal holidays and dates like birthdays, anniversaries and so on that you can use as themes for each month. Pictures can be edited right in the tool. You can crop and resize an image in case it does not fit, add an outline, frame, or mask to make it stand out. Finally, if the quality of your photo is not great, you can adjust contrast, brightness, and saturation.

How to Make the Calendar Personalized?

I picked a suitable size in the program from a rather big variety of options – wall, desk, wallet calendar, and many more. I went for a wall version because I wanted a calendar in a big size to hang in the kitchen for everyone to see. After adding images, I used the in-built designing tools to decorate my work. Frames, cliparts, captions – all of these make a plain calendar bright and colorful.

What About Family Holidays?

The calendar creator tool comes with a set of national holidays that will be displayed once you choose your country of residence. Besides that, I added our own dates – anything I wanted, from birthdays and graduation parties to small reminders like annual vehicle inspection. Next, I included small cliparts right to the day icons as graphic reminders of upcoming events. In addition, if needed, you can enable a second language so that each holiday will be displayed in two languages at the same time.


Print It and Enjoy

Now when your calendar is ready, the only thing that is left to do is to print it. After I printed my work, I put it on the kitchen wall to surprise my loved ones when they come home. My husband and kids really enjoyed my little creative project, so for the next holiday, we are going to make one together.

Give your loved ones the most thoughtful gifts and make them happy with your handmade creations.

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