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Handmade Paper Plate Berry Baskets

Handmade Paper Plate Berry Baskets

One of my biggest passions is gardening. What I love most about summer is the large amount of fruits and vegetables I yield from my backyard garden. While spending time sifting around Pinterest last night, I came across a pin that inspired me to make handmade berry baskets out of paper plates.


I immediately ran over to the store to pick-up a package of paper plates to make the baskets with the kids in the afternoon. Before we started making the paper plate berry baskets, we went into the garden to pick fresh berries for gift to some of our neighbors.


Now, I am often found complaining about my berry bushes throughout the year. They take over my entire yard, and constantly poke me with their thorns. Then when summer comes – it is all worth it. The fruit that they produce for my family is such a gift that we all enjoy throughout the summer.


How did I make them? It was simple! They make a perfect gift, and are safer than the traditional plastic berry baskets.


Supplies needed:

Thin paper plates with the scallop edge
Clear scotch tape


1. First pick berries for your basket


2. Make four cuts into the paper plate about 2 1/2″ long


3. Bend the corners of the paper plate

4. Cut of the edges of each corner of the paper plate


5. Tape the corners of the basket together.


6. Wrap with ribbon

7. Deliver the gift to a special friend or neighbor.

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