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The Harlem Globetrotters: The Most Entertaining Basketball Team in History

We visited as a guest of the venue


When you hear the name Harlem Globetrotters you think basketball, laughter and family fun.  We’ve seen the Globetrotters numerous times and I can tell you that we will see them many more.  After the first time I watched them play, I decided to find out more about the most entertaining basketball team in history.



I was surprised to find that the Globetrotters originated in the south side of Chicago, Illinois, in the 1920s, where all the original players were raised. Back then, the Globetrotters were known as the Savoy Big Five and played exhibitions before dances. In 1928 after several players left the team in a dispute, the remaining team, led by Tommy Brookins, formed a team called the Globe Trotters which toured Southern Illinois.


Within months, they hired Abe Saperstein as the team’s manager and promoter.  Within a year, Saperstein had the the Globe Trotters touring Illinois and Iowa under the name of the New York Harlem Globe Trotters. He felt that Harlem would be the perfect location for the team as their home city since Harlem was considered the center of African-American culture and an out-of-town team name would give the team more mystique.  Oddly, the Globetrotters did not play in Harlem until 1968, four decades after the team’s formation.


Over the years they have played more than 26,000 exhibition games in 122 countries and territories and over 450 live events a year.  In my opinion they are the hardest working production in the world!  A lot of people think that the games are all pre-planned which actually isn’t the case; about 30 percent of a game is real.

Globetrotters Globetrotters Globetrotters

Their opponents tend to not interfere with the Globetrotters’ hijinks and even play along in the fun, but when they play defense, they play a serious game which actually lead to the Globetrotters defeat at the hands of the infamous Washington Generals. I’m so glad I wasn’t at that game.


If you haven’t seen the Globetrotters, I highly recommend you check them out.  Be ready to laugh and have a great time with the greatest team ever! The Globetrotters will be at the Honda Center Saturday February 18 and at the Staples Center Sunday February 19th, if you can’t make those dates, don’t worry because they will be back soon and I guarantee that they will play a great game.  Visit their website for dates and to also buy tickets.

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