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Healing Your Family Naturally on Earth Day

I love nature. I love sharing it with my kids.


If you have been following my parenting journey online over the years, then you already know how passionate I am about sharing the beauty of our world with my children. We love to splash in the waves, wander through fields of wildflowers and connect with wildlife. I may not be a perfect parent, but when it comes to teaching my children about the importance of caring for our Earth and Environment, I have got it right – that I know!

When I first had children, all of my friends were doing the same thing – feeding their children processed foods (chicken nuggets/Macaroni and Cheese). As a young mom, I didn’t know better and fed my child a diet that came from boxes, containers and jars.


What I didn’t realize was that I was poisoning him with processed foods. At the age of two years, my son experienced his first life threatening food allergy reaction to beans, and he almost lost his life. As I watched the paramedics save his life – I knew in my heart that it was his diet that needed to change.

My child was born healthy – able to eat everything – what went wrong?

The food supply.

Gardening1 (1)

Since I have seen how processed foods can compromise the health of a child, together with my husband, we made the decision to tear out a large part of our backyard to commit to growing organic fruits and vegetables for our family.

Feeding my child food that came from the Earth, the way our bodies were intended to digest, didn’t take away his life threatening food allergies, but he became less reactive and his symptoms were severely lessened. Yes, we still dine out, but he can now dine out without being reactive to every bite of food like he was before changing his diet.

Our backyard vegetable garden

Our backyard vegetable garden

Organic, natural foods are the cure to most of the illnesses in the world, and I have seen the healing powers myself.Through food that we were able to grow organically, we were able to manage my sons food allergies, and keep him alive to be the amazing pre-teen he is today. 90% of his diet comes from our Earth, and today on Earth Day, I am soooo grateful.

Grateful that the earth has healed my son.

My kids know how important gardening is to their health because they have sat on the sidelines watching the power of food heal their brother, and they take an active part in caring for our backyard garden. My kids and I have been wanting to make a separate herb garden this year, and we wanted to make it from a re-purposed wooden wine crate.


My husband and I, went on a getaway to Temecula. He knew how much I wanted to re-purpose a wine box, and ended up paying top dollar for me to bring one home. Then as Murphy’s Law would go, I ended up finding a second one at a local wine store for free.


Over the weekend, the kids and I, put together a herb garden and lettuce garden for our backyard vegetable garden. There is nothing better than building a planter, planting seeds, watching them grow, and then cooking the food for your children.


As our population continues to grow. Natural resources will continue to be depleted. The most important skill we can teach our children is the ability to grow and tend to their own food supply.

It will be a valuable tool for our children’s generation…

On Earth Day, I encourage you to learn the art of gardening, and share it with your children. Start a garden, and begin to enjoy the health benefits of food from your own backyard.


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  1. Great article Shrlby! I love seeing your garden pictures!!!

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