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Healthy Methods for Pain Relief

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If you prefer doing things naturally as opposed to putting foreign chemicals into your body, you aren’t alone. Aside from having adverse reactions to pain medications, they can be addictive and nobody wants to become addicted to pain meds. Here’s a quick look at a few ways to relieve your pain naturally.

Physical Therapy

When it comes to dealing with your pain without running the risk of becoming addicted to pain medications, physical therapy is highly effective and can actually be a better option for dealing with chronic pain than medications. If you suffer from pain that’s chronic, working with a good physical therapist can be extremely beneficial when it comes to reducing the level of pain you feel while also improving your physical health. Your physical therapist might even combine exercise therapy with physical therapy or cold and heat application to assist you with getting the maximum benefits from your prescribed treatment.


Did you know that you can also focus on your mental health while recovering from physical injuries through the use of meditation? Meditation connects you more to your inner self and allows you to focus on whatever is troubling you to work out a solution to things. At the same time, it provides pain relief, relaxes you, and calms your mind. People who practice meditation for pain relief not only get that pain relieved, they lower their anxiety levels, lower depression levels, and improve their overall mental health.


Practicing yoga can improve both your mental and your physical well-being. There are quite a few variations of yoga that you can use in order to manage conditions that are associated with chronic pain – like low back pain, fibromyalgia, migraines, and more. Yoga doesn’t just help alleviate the pain, it can also help to connect you with a sense of peace, inner connection with a more spiritual realm, and peace.

Massage Therapy

When you receive massage therapy from a trained professional, it can be beneficial when it comes to relieving joint and muscle pain, as well as stress and tension. It can even assist when it comes to helping you to sleep better. 

Massage therapists can tailor your massage sessions in ways that will best address your symptoms and conditions while also preventing them from being further aggravated. Depending on your pain level and the kind of pain you may be experiencing, massage therapy is useful for things like carpal tunnel syndrome, neck pain, fibromyalgia, headaches, and back and shoulder pain.


This is actually an ancient Asian type of alternative medicine that’s used primarily to relieve pain. The research isn’t clear whether or not it helps with other types of medical conditions. That being said, it’s quite effective when it comes to managing pain, especially when it happens to be neck or back pain, headaches, or arthritis. 

Acupuncture is done by utilizing thin, small needles in order to stimulate the nerves in your body that send signals to your brain so it’ll release beta-endorphins. The body uses these beta-endorphins as a natural form of pain relief because they work to bring your pain threshold down. If you suffer from certain types of pain, this natural form of pain relief might truly help you.


There have been quite a few studies done regarding exercise and pain relief. When we get our bodies moving, they produce endorphins. These endorphins react with receptors in our brains in order to alter our perception of pain and to modify our threshold for pain. Because of this, exercise can assist with alleviating nearly any type of pain. That being said, that doesn’t mean that you need to turn into a gym rat in order to control your pain. 

There are quite a few types of simple exercises that can provide effective pain relief. These include things like strengthening exercises such as pushups and squats, as well as stretching exercises. Cardio, such as swimming or walking, is also helpful.

In addition to the methods you’ve just read about, you can also learn how to better manage your pain by making a few small changes in your lifestyle and by prioritizing your self-care. Try things like healthier eating, getting enough sleep, and even music therapy. You’ll be surprised how much better you’ll feel.

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