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How to Help Your Kids Cope With Moving

Moving is a famously stressful process – especially for parents of bigger families. Yet, rarely, when we think about moving, do people consider how hard it must be for children. For many children, the home you live in will have been the only home they’ve ever lived in. Leaving that behind can be a very confusing and upsetting process. Not to mention, if you are moving a great distance away, or even abroad, they will be leaving their friends, schools, and familiar places all behind. 

Finding the best moving companies might be at the top of your mind when trying to reduce your stress levels, but to make the move smoother for both you and your children, it is key that you think about how best to help them cope. But what do they need to feel better, and how can you provide for them so they can cope best? 

Allow your children to feel upset

When you first announce your family’s plans to move to your children, they will likely react in various ways. Some might feel angry, others sad, while others might be excited. Unfortunately, one of the difficulties of having multiple children is that you’ll likely get mixed reactions from all your children.

It’s important that you let your children feel their feelings and express them. If they don’t, you won’t know how to help them best.  

Communicate with your children. Ask them why they feel the way they do and, if possible, assuage some of their fears. Let them ask you questions and answer them as truthfully as possible. Often, anger and sadness are just emotions used by your children to cover their confusion. When you make things clearer, often, these emotions will go away.

Visit your new home

Visiting your new home can help children to visualize what their life will be like. It is great to visit the house itself, but visiting your new home goes further than that. Look around your new town – point out places your children might go, like the local school or the leisure center. Take your children to an exciting place in the town, like a pizzeria for lunch, so they have positive memories of the place. By doing this, you might actually make your children excited about the move!

Help your children feel important

When you up and move your children far away from their home, they can feel out of control. This is why they might act out – by screaming and crying, they are, in their minds, gaining back some control over their lives. However, there are healthier ways to give your children some control.

Ask them questions about the house, and honor their answers. This could be: what color should we paint your room? Or: should we get a swing set for the garden? By asking these questions (and acting on their answers), your children feel more in control. And, when you arrive, the new house will already feel like theirs.

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