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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Helping Homeless Children in Orange County with Project Hope

Did you know that there are 28,000 homeless children in Orange County?

Did you know that the number has more than doubled since 2006?

Did you know that 87% of homeless children are enrolled in school but only 77% attend regularly?

Did you know that 1/2 of all homeless children are behind in school by two years?


It breaks our heart to say that all of this is true. While we live in one of the most wealthiest communities in the Country, we have one of the largest rates of homeless children fighting to survive. The Project Hope Alliance is helping to end the cycle of homelessness, one child at a time.


The Project Hope Alliance works directly with housing developers and private apartment owners to eliminate application disqualification due to credit/evictions. They help to provide support through payment of initial move-in costs, use parent education and development to increase family income, and provide intensive individual case management and family support.



Recently, we went to an event at the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity hosted by the Project Hope Alliance, to learn more about how we can help their organization, and help these children in our community. While there were a lot of fun activities for the children including balloon animals, photo booth, crafts and more…there was also a lot of education opportunities for our family to learn about how we can help.




There was a mobile home for us to tour, showing what it looks like for a homeless family of five living in a motel, in Orange County. While walking through the 214 square foot motel re-creation, we talked to our children about the house. It brought out so much emotion in our children, that our oldest broke down in tears imagining what it would be like to live in that motel room.


How can you help?

  • You can make a tax-deductible donation
  • You can donate food, school supplies & hygiene items to stock their food pantry
  • You can support future Project Hope events like the one we attended to help spread awareness
  • You can volunteer to tutor one of the homeless students Project Hop serves


Together, we can all come together to end the cycle of homelessness in Orange County!



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  1. This is such an important and often overlooked issue. I am so pleased that you covered it. It’s a lesson of love and compassion that we all need to get better at addressing and being more proactive in helping solve. We are blessed with so much in this wealthy community – and yet the numbers of homeless children and families is shocking. Thanks for bringing this to light to our readers.

  2. I am homeless how can I receive help a bed to sleep in a shower to keepup appearance for job interviews please text me or call

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