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Helping Pets Beat the Summer Heat

“This blog post is part of a paid Megan Media and #PetcoGrooming blogging program. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own.”

Daisy and Ella

Our kids love taking care of our golden retriever, Daisy. They get up early every morning to take her outside, give her fresh water, and fill her bowl with raw dog food. Since my kids have always been the ones to give her a bath, I have never tried taking her to a groomer until recently.

Daisy coming home from Petco

Since it has been so hot this summer, I wanted to take her to a groomer that would care of her just like us, and cut her hair short so she can have some relief from the summer heat. I let the kids skip their weekly bath for Daisy, and made an appointment to bring her to Petco for her very first professional grooming appointment.

Daisy going to Petco

Daisy always gets excited when we put her into the car, and the minute that we opened the car door, she started giving us kisses with excitement. Since we had plans to go to the beach with some friends, we made an appointment at the Huntington Beach location that is less than a mile from the beach.

Daisy and the kids at Petco

Kids walking into Petco with Daisy

We parked the car and walked into the clean Petco store location where we were immediately greeted by the friendly staff. They welcomed us into the store and helped to direct us to the grooming department, where we met the most caring staff I have ever come across.

Getting checked at Petco

They came out from behind the desk to greet Daisy with a hug. While they were giving her a 7-Point Pet Care Check, which checks for abnormalities on your pet’s eyes, ears, teeth, nose, under-side, skin, coat, nails, and pads. During the screening, they expressed concern about some of the mats that she had behind her ear and advised me that they did not want to take any risks for hurting her while trying to remove the mats, and recommended that we take her to a vet for grooming services.

Daisy looking into the mirror at Petco

They advised me that by having the kids give her weekly baths without regular professional grooming can cause matting, and can make them worse. I learned that it is important to have dogs (especially ones with longer hair like Daisy) get regular professional grooming.


I love that instead trying to remove her mats, the considerate Petco staff didn’t take any risks when it came to the care of our pet. They put her needs first, and not many groomers would do that.

We have plans to take Daisy to a local vet to have her mats removed, and then Petco will be the place where we will take our beautiful dog on a regular basis for her grooming needs. When looking for a place that truly cares about your pets, and wants them to have a positive grooming experience, there is no better place than Petco. There are more than 1,200 locations that offer bathing, hair-cutting, and spa service packages. Learn more about their different services online here.

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  1. My messiest pet moment was the first time we had a puppy. I can’t believe how often I was cleaning the floor!

  2. My messiest dog moment was dealing with the aftermath of my dog getting into the garbage and eating many corn cobs!! Nightmare!

  3. Our cat Albus is a messy eater! He throws his dry food up in the air and catches and chases it, leaving quite a trail. It’s cute though!

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