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Here’s How you can Revamp Your Home for Spring

After months of dreary and cold weather, it’s time to embrace the season of colors and vibrant energy. Spring season, the season of colors, flowers, and blossoms, when the snow begins to melt, and the hemisphere begins to warm significantly, and a renewed energy cheers us up. It’s that time of the year when you can think about the new beginnings, bringing in the freshness and going with “out with the old and in with the new.”

Family Time

For some, it might be organizing their home and their office properly, opening up the windows and decluttering the mess, evaluating down everything, or simply giving a makeover to their spaces. But, one thing that is common everywhere is the feeling of bringing in positive change and modernizing our places. Hence, it’s time to welcome the warm, vibrant, and rejuvenating energy of Spring and spruce up our homes without doing any drastic modifications.

In this post, we will help you out with a few options that would spruce your home this Spring. Do not forget to let us know which one you liked the most or how are you bringing in the fresh energy into your home.

Statement Ceiling

Now you can make your home more creative by adding dimension and character to the “fifth wall” of your hall or bedroom. If you are looking to make a bigger impact, painting your ceiling would help you realize it. There is a painting ceiling trend also going on, of which you can also be a part and make a statement by showing your creativity on the ceiling of your room.

But before DIY, you should always take general precautions like choosing the appropriate color and being extra thoughtful, as painting your ceiling is not something that you will do very often. If you are getting your whole house painted, then painting the ceiling first should be preferred for better results.

While painting the ceiling, there’s a high probability that the gravitational force will make a bit of paint drip down. You can always cover your floor and households with a huge bed sheet-like cloth that could be thrown or could be reused later for similar purposes. Considering the lighting, design-style, and households of your home, you should carefully choose the shades for your ceiling that would intensify the room’s beauty.

Frame Reframe

If you do not get thrilled by looking at your old portrait, the way you used to get when they were brand new, it’s time to change those with pet portraits. Brighten and cheer up that bare wall of your room without throwing your old pieces of art away. Our pets are one of the most adorable and sweetest members of our families and deserve the love they show towards us. And, what can be better than giving them their very own portrait which they can admire the whole day.

Pet Portraits

Canvaspop is the best option for getting your pet portraits ready. It has never been so easy to create such a creative work of art in just minutes. All you have to do is click a funky picture of your pet, choose the appropriate size, frame, and color, and submit it to the makers for review.

The company will send you a free digital print proof for your approval. After you approve, the company and artists stretch that piece of art on a canvas that you can hang up on your wall and make your pet happier.

Luxurious Bedding

If you’ve been waiting for the right time to buy that perfect bed and replace the old one, now is that time. Getting proper sleep is essential for our bodies’ proper functioning, and our beds play the most important role in it. Hence, choosing the right bed is vital.

Being the centerpiece of your bedroom, your bed would be worth making it a spot you love. After all, it’s the first thing you see after waking up and the last thing you see before sleep. So, invest in a huge, comfy bed, which matches your vibe and style of the home today itself.

Reorganize your bookshelf

What can be the best time other than Spring or early summer to declutter that bookshelf of yours. You might not have noticed the clutter you’ve been accumulating over the years and the resulting visual noise. Nevertheless, you can also make a statement with your bookshelf. Bookshelves are a lot more versatile and serve as beautiful storage space to keep portraits, flower pots, figurines, and many more.

You can also mimic the built-ins’ look by buying two identical pieces of bookshelves and keeping them opposite to one another. Achieving a monochromatic look by keeping those books with their pages facing forward is also an easy yet innovative way.


Making a visual impact by keeping the similar color books together not only helps in organizing but also helps in getting the book from the shelf fast as a lot of readers might forget the name of the book but would never forget the color of the book. You can also use your bookshelf as an art display by doing unexpected things like hanging a huge piece of the portrait or a large scale-art on that shelf’s exterior.

Painting Cabinets

Don’t limit yourself by giving your room a new look by just painting those walls. Now, renovate your room with this simple yet eye-gazing hack. You can paint your white cabinets bright yellow, maroon or blue and see the results. It will make a very strong and long-lasting impact. And, if you ever feel like going back to basics, slap a coat of that off-white paint on your cabinets and have fun.

So, this Spring, spice up that empty wall and cheer up your baby pet with a custom portrait that perfectly matches their style and personality.

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