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HGTV Presents Santa HQ


Embrace a new way to get your kids and family excited about the Christmas holiday with this hands-on experience in a winter wonderland.

As you wait in anticipation to meet and take a picture with Santa, let your child’s magical experience take flight!

I brought my brother, my 9-year old niece, and my two sons, who are 4 & 6 years old and we were all in awe of this glorious experience. We first took turns at the Naughty or Nice O’ Meter. The kids got to log in their own name on a tablet, which put their name up on the big screen as the meter began, lights were flashing, and the kids were giggling waiting to see their results! It was so personal and so exciting. Luckily they were all on the nice list!

We entered the Elf Academy with twinkling eyes. First, we stood in front of Santas Magic Mirror trying on all the latest elf fashions by placing our faces in the camera and snapping a selfie. We were able to email and text their pictures to our family members which the kids got a kick out of.

Next, they got to customize their very own Elf ID card on the tablets provided; we got to share these as well. It was adorable! My niece and sons were all about becoming an elf so they could be Santa’s helpers.

I then downloaded the free Elf-Ray vision app on my phone so that the kids could interact in the next room with the magical elves. We opened the app and held the phone in front of the various doors in the room, and when we knocked on our phone screen, the elves opened the door, and we were able to see inside their workshop, inside their own secret world. Talk about a memory they’ll never forget. This Elf-ray vision had my niece and kids begging to go to the North Pole. They pondered for hours after about how to get themselves into the elves magical world. What a treat!

Ready for more hands on? Santa’s observatory was next where they got to be in the Control Center and flip switches and check out the Candy Cane counter, the Mischief meter, and so much more.

Last but not least, the kids got to snap a picture with the sweetest, most kind Santa. He took his time to talk with each one of the kids. My heart was so full hearing giggles and laughter galore. Santa gave them each an Elf Academy Activity Book, and we left with the biggest smiles. We are officially ready for the holiday season.

To save you time, they offer reservations to meet and take your photo with Santa.

Already went? Don’t forget to share your experience with your friends and family using the hashtag #SantaHQ.

Happy Holidays everyone and don’t miss your chance to check out Santa HQ! HGTV’s Santa HQ is now open at Lakewood Center and Los Cerritos Center until December 24.

You won’t catch this girl without a smile on her face. Amber Little is a down to earth wife and a patient, loving, stay at home mama. After starting a life with her childhood sweetheart, Jarred, and becoming a mom to their two sons, Piercen, 5 years old, and Harlen, 3 years old, she’s always looking to fill the days with laughter and adventure. Whether it’s building construction sites at the beach, making mud pies in the backyard, chasing them around, building forts or practicing tricks at the skate park, her life revolves around giving her boys an active, and unforgettable childhood. She thrives to balance every day, as a sincerely loving wife, mom, sister, aunt, niece and daughter. Family is everything to her!
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