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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Hidden Dana Point Waterfall

Dana Point Watefall

One of my favorite hidden gems of Orange County is the secret Dana Point waterfall. Ever since I was a teenager, I would always jump into the car on a rainy day to admire the splendor of this natural beauty. Now that I have kids, our favorite thing to do on a rainy day is going to see the Dana Point waterfall. After we are done watching the waterfall in the rain, we warm-up with a cup of hot cocoa and breakfast at The Harbor House Cafe.

Waterfall in Dana Point

Runoff from the city of Dana Point is the cause of the waterfall – so do not go near the water. While it is not the kind of waterfall that you can swim in on the islands of Hawaii ~ it is just as beautiful to admire.

Watching the Dana Point Waterfall

What to know…

You will get wet! The waterfall only flows while it is raining! If you have younger children, just slowly drive past the waterfall so the kids won’t have to get wet from getting out of the car. It is located on the side of a cliff in Dana Point Harbor on Harbor Drive between Jimmy’s Famous Tavern and The Ocean Institute – you can’t miss it on the street. There is parking across the street from the waterfall (you can’t park on the one side of the road). Do NOT get too close – keep a safe distance between the waterfall and your children.

Where you can park across the street from the waterfall

Where you can park across the street from the waterfall

I am thrilled to share one of my favorite hidden treasures of Orange County with all of you. Enjoy creating memories visiting the waterfall with your children during these upcoming rainy days.

The Dana Point Waterfall

Hidden Waterfall in Orange County

OC Waterfall

Secret Dana Point Waterfall

Secret Waterfall in Orange County

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  1. would you please advise how to get there?

  2. How cool!! We are planning a trip next week, water won’t be running so we will have to return to check it out another time. Hope all is well!

  3. Thanks for the excellent post

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