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Hike to Heart Rock

When planning a mother and daughter trip to Joshua Tree, one of my friends mentioned to me that we needed to hike to heart rock. Unfortunately, there is barely anything written online about how to find the mysterious heart rock, so we set off on an adventure to find heart rock.

There were only a few things that we knew about heart rock before going on a hike, and that was that it is located in the White Tank Campground along the Arch Rock Nature Trail. Before checking into our campsite, we drove in our Kia Sorento to Arch Rock Nature Trail in an attempt to find heart rock. The trail is only .5 miles, but we seemed to hike for at least a couple of miles. We hiked all over the area until the sun began to set, and did not have any luck finding heart rock.

Later that evening, we spent some time looking at videos people had posted on YouTube to help us with locating heart rock when we returned to the trail the next morning. We arrived early the next morning and was able to find heart rock within the first couple of minutes.

How do you find it? You’ll want to park your car in the campsite parking lot. Most of the parking spots are for people camping. However, there are a couple of spots available for hikers. Once you start on the trail, you’ll see the famous arch rock to the right. Standing at the arch rock, you can see the back side of heart rock about 100 yards away. I recommend standing by arch rock (facing the mountains) and then scan the area, and you’ll spot it in the distance. Sorry that I can’t be more specific, but this is the easiest way to find it.

Once you find heart rock, enjoy taking pictures, boomerangs galore. Enjoy your time hiking along this beautiful Joshua Tree trail and enjoy creating memories with your children that will last a lifetime. It truly is a magical place.


Joshua Tree National Park recently redid some of the parking for the Arch Rock trail which makes your Hike to Heart Rock blog posts out of date. The new parking for the Arch Rock trailhead (to access Heart Rock) is no longer in White Tank Campground, but now at Twin Tanks Parking Area, very close to the campground. The trail has been extended to reach that parking area which provides many more spots than the small parking area that used to provide parking for the trail.

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  1. 33°59’17.2″N, 116°00’48.3″W
    Heart Rock GPS coordinates

  2. What road were you on in the pic where your daughter is standing in the middle of the road?

  3. Your coordinates saved us from walking in circles. Thank you sso much!!!

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