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Holidays with the Family – What Is the Best Way to Park at the Airport?

Planning a family vacation is a highlight. But apart from the fun stuff like finding out about the perfect destination and reading inspiring articles about things to do there, planning a family trip needs a whole lot of not-so-fun organization. One of the things many travelers tend to neglect until the very last minute is figuring out where to park the car at the airport.

Airplane Travel

While not taking care of a parking space early on in your planning process may be not much of a deal if your departure airport is rather small, it may become a real challenge at a big international airport like LAX. With a huge catchment area and a myriad of flights – both inbound and outbound – the offer of parking spots is usually a lot lower than the demand. That may cause you to end up paying a fortune for parking – particularly during summer break. There must be some cheap alternative, right?

Parking Near Airports

Yes, there is. If you think about airport parking at LAX, you may only consider the parking garages and spaces provided by the airport itself. But on-site parking can be pretty cost-intensive due to the reasons mentioned above.

But there are also off-site parking spaces surrounding big airports like LAX. Airport parking has become a downright niche sector. That causes a competition, and competition usually results in a price battle. As a traveling family, you can benefit from that. Parking off-site is totally stress-free by the way: Even though your car will be sitting at a distance from the terminal, there’s no need to worry about not catching your flight. You´ll get to find out more about the different options later on in this article.

Compare Parking Prices

If you want to get the most out of your money, you need to look for a parking space that isn’t just as convenient as possible, but also inexpensive. Check out in order to find the best deals. On the platform, which is specialized on airport parking, you can compare various parking facilities, extra services, means of transfer to the terminal as well as prices, of course. When it comes to Los Angeles International Airport, there are the following types of parking to choose from:


It´s best to track prices online. But do make sure to book a parking space in time. In order to figure out which type of parking to pick, you must be able to understand what exactly you get for your money:

When booking a self-parking option, you´ll drive to the parking lot and park your car in one of the available spaces. Once you´re done and have taken your children and the luggage out of the car, the staff will take you to a shuttle bus. The shuttles usually commute every few minutes and on demand during peak times. Do make sure to arrive at the parking facility early enough to have enough time between parking and check-in.

Valet Parking

You may already know how the concept of valet parking works: You park your car right by the door – the terminal, in this case. A driver receives your keys and takes the car to a protected parking spot. Of course, valet parking is a little more expensive, but it can save you a lot of time. If you travel with many children or tend to always run a little late, valet parking might be the best option for you.

Long-Term Parking

The worst case: You arrive at the airport, haven’t booked a parking space and end up leaving your car in a short-term parking facility. If that has happened to you, you were sure to find yourself paying a huge bill after your return to LAX. Always make sure to leave your car at a long-term parking facility, as you´ll pay a lot less by the hour, day and week as you would at a short-term facility.

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