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Holidays are a great place to start building traditions

By Betsy Wild, CEO & Founder, We Craft Box

Every year, there are a couple dozen articles and videos across the spectrum about reducing the materialism of the holidays. In my experience, most of the panaceas offered by these experts and educated people are built on the idea of buying fewer, more meaningful things. The core of these solutions is still the idea of consumerism.

Instead of a thing to have, my family has found success in giving a thing to do. I need to be careful with my definitions here, because some people might consider the gift of a video game as giving someone something to do. Try again, people. Screen time can be just as materialistic as another action figure or laser sword. I’ve built a business around offering unique, creative experiences through We Craft Box, and our family and friends treasure the opportunity to enjoy creativity and quality time.

The holidays are coming up. Here are three ideas for three different holidays. They are a great start to begin building your own tradition for a different type of gift.

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

A group of local moms organized this type of event for their elementary school-aged kids. It could be done in a big yard, at someone’s farm, or, as this group did, in a neighborhood park. Teamed up in small groups, they were given a digital camera and a list of things to find, such as a picture of a group member flying high on a swing, a bird in a tree, and a purple plastic pumpkin, hung by one of the parents and illuminated with a glow stick inside. Each group’s list was slightly different, so each group couldn’t just follow the others. (The kids have already asked for the same event next year.)  If you want to add to the fun, I can’t resist suggesting a crafting session.  Our Halloween craft box is right around the corner and it will be amazing.

Group Thanksgiving Dessert

When you gather for some turkey and cranberries, let everyone know the dessert will be made in the hours before the meal with family and friends. If there are only adults, everyone gets assigned an ingredient and a task. If there are little ones around, they get to help the chef with the creation – chopping apples, rolling out the crust, mixing up the spices, etc. Since they helped make it, they get to help decorate it and serve it. Don’t be afraid to get messy. Messy events make the best stories. However, having a few extra towels handy might be a good idea here.

The Neighborhood Christmas


A long-time family friend introduced us to this idea and, since then, I’ve heard two versions. A group of neighbors make tasty gifts for one another, such as a homemade jam, a plate of cookies, or a sampling of fudge. Then, an evening is selected to travel from home to home to exchange the sweets and reconnect during a short visit. Some people exchange gifts by basically passing your creation to the house on the left while others make enough for a small portion for every participating family.

These sorts of ideas are what inspired me to start We Craft Box as a monthly subscription craft box company. The idea was built on finding ways for families to unplug, to have an enjoyable experience together, and to create a tradition of creativity. We have to wash a few more loads of towels, but the connections and memories are worth every drop of water.

About the Author

Betsy Wild is a Mompreneur, CEO and Founder of We Craft Box, an award-winning monthly craft box subscription program for children age three to nine years old. We Craft Box is committed to delivering creativity and connection through shared crafting experiences for children, their parents, grandparents and family friends. Betsy is a creative expert with over a decade of creative director experience and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Fine Art, Illustration. She lives with her husband and three children in Florida.

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