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Home Alone 25th Anniversary Gift Set (Giveaway)

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K E V I N!!

America’s favorite holiday movie, “Home Alone” is coming out on Blu-ray and DVD in a special holiday gift set “Anniversary Collection” packaging on October 6th. Families can relive the fun of when Kevin gets left home alone when his family forgets to wake him up for their flight for Paris. Who can forget the map that Kevin makes to try to capture criminals robbing his neighborhood on Christmas?


The special holiday gift set comes with a DVD, Blu-ray and other fun goodies in a collectible tin. The gift set is perfect for grandparents, cousins and friends this holiday season. Who wouldn’t love to have this film as a part of their home movie collection?

In celebration of the release of the film this holiday season, we have fun printable activity sheets that parents can download to do with their children or to print and give along with your gift set. Enjoy printing out these fun printable worksheets to do with your children. (Click on this link to print high resolution printables of the images below)





Don’t miss getting this special “Home Alone” starting on October 6th – TODAY! Don’t wait to purchase it for a holiday gift before they are sold out in your local stores.

Win it! We are thrilled to giveaway one “Home Alone” Anniversary Collection to one of our readers. Enter to win in the form below:

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  1. My Favorite Holiday Memory Was When I Was A Child My Family Would Gather At My Grandma’s House For The Holidays. It Was Always So Warm And Cozy There. Great Memories!

  2. i love baking cookies

  3. My favorite holiday memories are spending time with my parents when I was a child. Thanks for the giveaway. I hope that I win.

  4. I guess my favorite holiday memory is when they would bring in the Christmas tree and it smelled so good that it made the whole room smell like a pine forest.

  5. I love singing Christmas carols and making cookies.

  6. One of my favorite memories is my mom baking Christmas cookies. The house smelled so good!

  7. celebrating christmas for the first time with my daughter. so exciting!

  8. My favorite is my Mother baking treats for us.

  9. My favorite holiday memory is making gingerbread men cookies with my daughters, and now with my grandsons!

  10. My last Christmas with my dad.

  11. My favorite memories were decorating for Christmas and baking cookies with my Mom.

  12. My favorite memory is when we celebrated our first christmas in our own home with our baby.

  13. I like decorating the tree with my family

  14. Favorite tradition is decorating a ginger bread house.

  15. eating pumpkin pie with my sisters

  16. Family! Fewer & fewer family gets together each year now. I loved when we all were together & grandparents home

  17. My favorite holiday memory is spending quality time with the grand kids.
    thank you

  18. I like watching my kids open presents.

  19. I remember waking up on Christmas as a child when I lived with my grandma and we were poor so we only had like a toy or two and I knew we didn’t have much money so I asked for 90210 barbies and they got me 2 90210 dolls. That was the best Christmas EVER

  20. I remember being very poor growing up, like we had 1 or 2 dolls and that was it poor. I really wanted a 90210 barbie and that year I got 2 of the 90210 barbies, one Brenda and one Dylan, That was the best Christmas ever and we spent the entire day together and even had Chriustmas dinner.

  21. My favorite holiday memory is when my son sat on Santa’s lap for the first time! Glad we got a picture of that!

  22. I loved waiting for Santa when I was a kid-super fun.

  23. I love driving around looking at Christmas lights at different houses.

  24. I loved waking up at 2am to see what Santa brought us!

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