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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Home Maintenance and Repair Tips


Do you ever feel like there is always something needing to be repaired in your home? You’re not alone! We all face the same challenge of needing to spend time on the weekends fixing a leaky faucet or touching up paint. Having a handyman can be costly for families on a budget, and it is more cost effective to do the home repairs yourself.

One of the most costly home repairs is to have a plumber come and fix clogged pipes. For years, our family would hire a plumber to come out every time that we would have a clogged pipe, and with having three children, it would be on a regular basis, causing a huge dent in our family budget.

While having lunch with one of my friends, I was complaining about how much money we were spending on a plumber every month to fix our clogged drains, and that was when she told me about Roto-Rooter. I had never thought of using a store bought product to help with fixing our clogged drains, and I was curious to see if it would work.

The next time that my kids came running downstairs complaining that the shower wasn’t draining, I got out the bottle of Roto-Rooter that I had recently purchased, and poured it down the drain. Within minutes, the drain was unclogged, and the water was going down the drain seamlessly, and I was overwhelmed with happiness.

Ever since that day, I never had to call a plumber to our house again to fix a clogged drain. I always keep a bottle of Roto-Rooter in every bathroom in our house so we can easily use it if necessary. Now that we are not spending a large amount of money on a plumber, we can use those funds to go out and have more fun together as a family.

When thinking about your upcoming home repairs and maintenance, make sure and use Roto-Rooter to keep your household pipes clean and draining water perfectly. Learn more about Roto-Rooter online.

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