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A Home Run Performance by Lake Bell in Million Dollar Arm

We attended the interview as a guest of Disney


Photo by Shelby Barone for OC Mom Blog

Lake Bell is a talented actor, director and writer. She gives a home run performance in the film “Million Dollar Arm” by playing the wife of JB Bernstein, “Ms. Brenda.”When preparing for the role, Lake Bell, got to learn about Ms. Brenda through the eyes of her husband JB Bernstein and did not get to meet her in real life until the night of the premiere of “Million Dollar Arm.” Portraying Ms. Brenda is more about how she lived her life and influenced the people around her,” said Bell.

The film was filmed in both India and Atlanta, but Bell only got an opportunity to film in Atlanta. “I feel like I got left out of the best trip ever. I’m not complaining. I’m just super bummed about not going to one of the more extraordinary places in the world,” said Bell. When all of the boys came back from India complaining about the heat and getting sick from the exotic foods, Bell said, ” I would have packed my Pepto Bismol and sucked it up to have the life experience.”

As moms, we are always balancing so many different things and wearing so many different hats. As an actor, writer, director and future mom, Bell is always juggling many different things in her life, so we were curious about how she balances everything. “The balance happens organically. “I feel incredibly lucky that I can do all three jobs and like all three. Each hat that I wear for these different jobs requires a different set of muscles, and I feel lucky to be able to exercise all of my different talents,” said Bell.

What did the real Ms. Brenda think of Lake Bells portrayal of her? Bell said, “I admire Brenda’s no bullshit policy. She is an advocate of tough love, and stands up for herself. Sometimes I think I could do with a little more of that in myself.” When Bell met Brenda at the premiere she said, “She is smokin’ hot, so lovely and so sweet. She was highly complimentary and all her friends said that I nailed her physicality well. It was good casting.”

In the film, the two boys overcome so many obstacles to achieve their dreams. “Dreams they didn’t even know they had because they didn’t know they existed,” said Bell.

See Lake Bell in her incredible role in the film “Million Dollar Arm” that is currently in theaters now.

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