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Honest Food That Taste Really Good

We dined as a guest of the venue


I had the honor of tasting the New Fall Menu at True Food Kitchen in Newport Beach at Fashion Island and let me tell you it was DELICIOUS!!!! True Food Kitchen believes in selecting and preparing simple and delicious foods to help people achieve and maintain optimal health.

The Fall Menu is the most intensive menu out of all the seasons. Chef Chris says their days and night are long, but this is the most exciting season of them all. There’s something about fall that screams warm and hearty with everything in between, and that is exactly what I got!


When I first walked into the tasting room, what first caught my eye was a beautiful spread of fruits and veggies perfectly placed in a wooden crate and some scattered around the table used as the table centerpiece; it was colorfully simple.

On The Menu This Fall Season:



Charred Cauliflower- ( V, GF) Roasted green and white cauliflower tossed with harissa tahini, dates, roasted pistachios, mint, and dill. It was my FAVORITE! Something about the tahini sauce and mint could have me eating this all day.


Chiogga Beet Bruschetta- (V) Roasted Chioggia & golden beets served on toasted seeded grain bread, spread with vegan almond ricotta, garnished with Marcona almonds, arugula, puffed amaranth, dried pomegranate seeds and drizzled with pomegranate molasses. The almond ricotta was the most impressive; you couldn’t taste the difference from the real thing.


Roasted Brussel Sprouts- (V, GF) Roasted brussels sprouts, roasted Jerusalem, artichokes tossed in a golden raisin gremolata, topped with toasted hazelnuts, extra virgin olive oil, a pinch of Aleppo pepper and mint. Ok, I confess this was my FAVORITE too!!! I have a love for Brussels sprouts in general, but this dish put it in overdrive! It’s a must try.

Farmers Market Crudites- ( VEG) Chilled raw vegetables served with tzatziki & black olive dip. Raw veggies are good on their own, but these dips are yummy! I even mixed them together at one point, and it added a whole new flavor to the mix… yum, yum, yum!



Butternut Squash Pizza- (V) Hand-stretched artisan pizza dough baked with garlic puree, roasted butternut squash, kale, smoked onions, then topped with thyme, sage, lemon oil, dried cranberries, and vegan almond ricotta. I think I died and went to pizza heaven when this hit my lips. Let’s just say; they have customers that come into town for only three days, and they order this every single day they’re here. And even if it’s not the menu Chef Chris will still make it for you, how awesome is that?


Seasonal Ingredient Salad- (V, GF) Roasted Brussel sprouts, roasted cauliflower, roasted butternut squash, cannellini beans, pomegranate seeds, toasted mulberries all tossed in horseradish vinaigrette. Remember early when I said there’s something about fall, well this dish has the taste of fall all over it.


Pan Roasted Chicken- (GF) Half chicken ( skin-on, boneless breast, legs & high) served with cannellini beans, maple glazed butternut squash and braised swiss chard in an apple-rosemary jus with sage leaves and thyme. MMM….MMM…MMM… I’ll be getting this again!



Squash Pie (V, GF) GF Graham pie crust filled with a butternut squash pie filling, topped with whipped coconut cream. Great substitute for pumpkin pie and the coconut cream was dreamy.


Apple Goji Crisp (V, GF) Fuji apple & goji berries tossed with evaporated cane sugar, lemon & cinnamon, topped with almond crumble and baked – finished with vegan vanilla ice cream. There’s something about the warm apples mixed with the vanilla ice cream that has you saying WOW THAT’S GOOD!!! # YUM

Fall Refreshers


Apple Carrot Ginger Tonic- Fresh apple juice, ginger-honey, and fresh carrot juice served over ice. I’m not a carrot person, and this was good!
Orange Rooibos Tea- Orange rooibos tea, yerba mate, orange astragalus, and fresh lemon juice served over ice and topped with soda.

Honey Bee Ginger Beer- Juiced ginger, clover honey, lime, nettle oil.

Pressed Apple Soda- Freshly juiced apple, homemade cinnamon syrup with Madagascar vanilla, grapefruit peel, and fresh lemon juice served over ice topped with sparkling water. It was amazingly refreshing.

Ginger Tulsi Tea- (served hot) adaptogenic tea ( tulsi holy basil tea), ginger honey, lemon.

Fall Cocktails

Thai Grapefruit Martini – Thai basil, grapefruit, organic vodka.

Apple Ginger Mule- Juiced apple, ginger honey, fig-infused vodka, lime topped with a splash of soda for effervescence.

Autumn Orchard Sour- Muddled pear, juiced apple, lemon zest, house made mulled brandy served on the rocks with a sliced pear and lemon zest.

Ginger Margarita- Ginger honey, lemon, elderflower liqueur, añejo tequila.

From the fresh ingredients to the scratch table kitchen, then to the table we gather around with family and friends, Chef Chris and his team knows how to make us fall in LOVE with the Fall Menu at True Food. Who knew honest food could taste so good? Until next time my friends.


I’m a free spirit, who loves checking out new places, outdoor adventures, food and meeting new people. Huge country music lover! Spending time with my family and friends feeds my soul. I have a deep rooted Faith in Jesus. Traveling to new places is always a must in my book, that’s the way I grow. Giving back to the ones in need fills my heart with love. I’m honestly blessed with the people I work with and what I do for a living.

Photos courtesy of True Food Kitchen

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