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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Host a Back-to-School Mom’s Night Out

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One of my favorite yearly traditions with my closest friends to celebrate the kids going back to school with a fun mom’s night out. While some years we have our yearly night away from the husband & kiddos at a local restaurant, the past couple of years, we have spent having a get together at one of my friends home. We will share our favorite summer memories together while sipping on wine and eating scrumptious appetizers. This year, I surprised my friends by bringing something different than our favorite Chardonnay to our get together and brought Two Chicks Cocktails.

The minute that I walked in the door, my friends started asking me questions about the cocktails. They were all surprised to learn that Two Chicks Cocktails are all natural, gluten free and sweetened with stevia so we could all enjoy a cocktail with the guilt.

Two Chicks Cocktails has two different flavors; Bodacious Blueberry and Twisted Lemon. Twisted Lemon is my favorite of the two. The founder created the drink while on a juice cleanse, and thought that her juice would be perfect with a dash of vodka added to it. The cocktail has a little spice to it and is perfect when made into a slushy on a warm summer day.

Bodacious Blueberry was popular amongst my friends. The cocktail has a blend of berries mixed with vodka and lemons. You’ll feel like you are sipping blueberry pie while enjoying this refreshing cocktail.

Finally, my favorite thing about the brand is that it is created by local women. All of my friends agreed that it is important to support local mom-owned businesses. Two Chicks Cocktails was a hit at our back-to-school mom’s night out and is guaranteed to be the highlight of your next girlfriend get together.

Two Chick Cocktails is available online, and 10% of your purchase goes towards Dreamweavers that helps support women in pursuing their passion.

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