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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Hot Plate Crayon Art


This is one of my kids favorite summer craft activities. Hot Plate Crayon Art was something that I used to do with my preschoolers, and now I enjoy doing with my kids. (Please know that 110% adult supervision is required for this activity) Your kids will learn about cause and effect all while creating their very own masterpiece. Have fun, and for more of our “Dog Days of Summer Activities” check out the craft section of our blog.


Supplies needed:

A hot plate (pancake griddle works great)
Lots of crayons




1. Warm the hotplate on a counter or table. (not too hot)

2. Put a piece of foil over the hotplate

3. Advise the children not to touch the hotplate

4. Let them melt the crayons on the foil to create their own crayon art.



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