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Hot Rock in the Lassen Volcanic National Park


If you were not looking for it, then you could easily drive right past the Hot Rock in the Lassen Volcanic National Park. While at the visitors center, the guide had recommended that we stop to see this beautiful wonder while driving through the National Park.


The Hot Rock is a giant piece of dacite lava that once filled the Lassen Peak’s volcano crater. The volcano blasted in May of 1915, and this giant rock came down the mountainside. The hot rocks touched off a snow avalanche, and the avalanche carried this 300-ton rock five miles from Lassen Peak. It has been said that the rock was first seen still sizzling forty hours after it ejected from the volcano crater.



The rock was beautiful, smooth and massive. It was a great educational experience for our kids to witness while inside of the National Park. They took their time reading about the famous “Hot Rock,” and walked around the surrounding trees went a short distance along the devastated area interpretive trail.



The Hot Rock and Devastated Area Interpretive Trail are located inside of the Lassen Volcanic National Park outside of the city of Redding. It is a great place to stop and visit with your children after hiking along the Bumpass Hell Trail.


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