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How a2 Milk® Has Changed Our Lives

“This post was sponsored by a2 Milk® as part of an Ambassador Program for Influence Central. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review.”

Food Allergy Andrew

It has been a couple of months since my family has switched from traditional milk to a2 Milk® and we have seen a significant different in the way we feel. My son, who experiences sensitivities to regular milk, now happily enjoys a glass of a2 Milk® along with his brother and sister at dinner every night, and does not have the discomfort he once had while drinking traditional milk.

a2 milk in store

a2 Milk® has truly changed our lives. I was always struggling with ways to incorporate calcium into my son’s diet due to his food allergies and milk sensitivity, and since we have been using a2 Milk® those concerns have disappeared.

a2 Milk

Imagine not being able to have milk with your cereal? Having a summer smoothie? These are just a couple of the things my son could not enjoy because of his milk sensitivity. Since introducing a2 Milk® into his diet, he can not enjoy every milk-based recipe I make without the pain and discomfort that traditional milk would cause him.

kid drinking a2 milk

Now that it is time to head back-to-school, breakfast is made simple in my household thanks to a2 Milk®. I can now serve cereal and milk to all of my children vs. having to make a special breakfast for my son with a milk sensitivity. I can now treat all my kids to an after school smoothie, and serve all my dinner recipes that have a “milk” ingredient to all of my children.

Pouring cereal into milk

Even my children who don’t have a milk sensitivity have noticed a difference in the flavor of a2 Milk® vs. traditional milk. When we are traveling, they have mentioned to me that the regular milk served to them in restaurants does not have the fresh flavors that they enjoy when drinking their a2 Milk® at home.

Andrew drinking a2 milk

Our family has made the switch and have seen a significant difference. If you have a child with milk sensitivities, I encourage you to try a2 Milk® and see if your child has the same life changing results as mine.

a2 milk mustache

Learn more about a2 Milk® and the a2 Milk Company™ online, Facebook, and Twitter. Find a store that sells the a2 Milk Company™ here.

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