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How Disney Planes Evolved with Director Klay Hall

We attended an all expenses paid media event for Disney Planes as a guest of Disney.


It all began almost 4 1/2 years ago when Disney “Planes” director Klay Hall was finishing up his last film, and had become friends with John Lasseter. “It just happened that I am a geek and nuts about planes, trains, and cars, and so is he,” said Hall.

John Lasseter and Klay Hall would talk about it all the time, and when Hall was finishing up his current movie, John Lasseter asked him what he wanted to work on next? Klay Hall knew that Thomas the Tank Engine was currently out on the market, but he wanted to elevate the idea.


“It wasn’t going to be the CARS world it was going to be Disney animated trains.” said Hall.

Then 4-6 months into working on the film, Hall got a call from John Lasseter who said, “I know that you are working on the trains thing, and everything is coming along, and it’s looking really cool…but what do you think about making it an airplanes movie?”

He remembered exactly how it happened. He was sitting in the coffee shop over at the other animation studio when Hall said to John Lasseter over the phone, “If there is one thing I love more than trains it’s planes.” Then Hall described how they both started laughing.

Then they both discovered that they were both in nearby offices before they coming out and laughing some more and talking about it. “That was how it all started,” said Hall.

“His idea was all along that the CARS universe is vast, and all machines out there..everything that you can think of has a soul, has a personality,” said Hall.

Planes was a natural place for Hall to jump in with having a background in aviation. That was how Disney “Planes” started.

Disney “Planes” is in theaters on August 9th.

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