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How the Election will Impact Child Care Costs

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How the Election will Impact Child Care Costs

Child care costs are a big concern for all parents. It is a topic that many families are researching for our upcoming election. If you are like me, then you might have found yourself confused by the facts of what will happen with each candidate’s child care plan, and has helped by breaking down the facts for parents like myself.

The Child Care Policy Analysis examined the two candidate’s plans, and how they will impact the different types of parenting households and income levels. They used sources from the U.S. Census Bureau, AARP, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and’s Care index.

Here are their findings:


What do the findings mean? Each candidate’s child care plan will affect every family differently. Depending on how many parents are in the household to how much income your family makes, every family will have a different impact from each candidate’s plan.

How do the swing states impact us?


The one discovery in the analysis that made us so happy was the findings that about under either plan, an estimated 2 million additional American mothers would be able to take paid maternity leave in a given year. We believe that it is so important for both parents to be able to stay home with their newborn child and have their job waiting for them upon their return.

The important thing is for parents to take the time to research each candidate’s position on child care and make a vote for the candidate that will be the biggest advocate for your family. One that will do whatever they can in their power to support young families struggling in the US, and give us the resources that we need to be successful parents.

Voting day is this Tuesday – Get out and VOTE!!

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