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How To Cheer Up a Cat

Not all pet keepers know their animals can have different moods. Here below is a shortlist of suggestions about what to do if your cat seems sad.

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How to Cheer Up a Cat

Everyone knows what a bad mood means. You feel sad, irritated, demotivated, and depressed due to some reason. And when others see your sadness, they can try cheering you up.

It is sad, but many people don’t even know that their pets can have different moods, too. Yes, your cat can be delighted, happy, neutral, irritated, angry, and whatever else, just like you or any other person. And yes, sometimes your cat needs you to cheer it up.

There exist different ways to do that. Almost all of them are pretty like those working for humans. Though, you can’t offer your cat to watch a movie or go for a walk together. So, it is critical to pick suitable ways to get your cat back in a good mood.

Here below, you’ll find five recommendations. According to the experience of many keepers I know, at least one of those will work for sure. So, just try them out, but be careful. Before deciding to cheer up your cat, you should make sure they are actually sad and not feeling bad due to health issues or just trying to rest.

Toys (New and Old Ones)

A nice toy is always the first thing keepers try to use when they want to add some activity to their cat’s day. Though, sometimes a pet may not react actively to a toy. What’s the reason?

Actually, cats can be bored if they need to play with the same toy for a long time. So, if a regular toy does not cut it, it’s probably time to buy a new one. On the other hand, an old, forgotten toy can get a second breath if a cat hasn’t seen it for a while.

Tease Me!

Parents might teach you not to tease a cat when you were a child. However, in most cases, that solution was taken to prevent possible injuries for you and not for your cat. Moderate and timely teasing is a great way to activate a pet and keep them moving.

Consequently, a cat who used to be sad a minute ago gets involved in a game, and its mood changes rapidly. Now, your home predator is on the hunt! It is not an adorable kitty anymore! It’s a mighty savage beast!

Besides, teasing your cat from time to time is not only a nice way to help them cheer up. Cats are naturally lazy creatures, so making them move and enjoy the game is a good way to keep their weight normal. Yes, teasing your cat is a prophylactic measure for their overweight.


That’s a relatively cheap and ultimately effective way to activate your sad cat: bring them some catnip. Although a plant may seem to be an addictive drug for a cat, it’s not dangerous for them.

The catnip smell attracts cats effectively, and they spend a lot of time and energy playing with it intensively. So, whenever it seems that your kitty needs some mood booster and you don’t have enough time to play with them, catnip can save the situation.

Something Tasty

High-quality food is a must-have thing for every cat’s comfort, health, and wellbeing. The fact that you pick a suitable dry and wet food correlating with your pet’s breed, age, and individual needs is awesome. A lot of owners spend hours reading articles like this young again cat food review to find the best they can give their cat. But even the best food becomes usual for an animal when they eat it for months.

So, when you think about cheering your cat up, something tasty means something unusual. The best solution here will be to visit your zoo market and asking about cat treats there. They surely have something cool to offer. Vitamins are good additives here, too. They’ll bring the special taste into your cat’s life along with improving their health.

Attention and Time

Here comes the last but not least effective recommendation. Spending time together is among the most effective ways to help your cat with making its mood better. Talk to them, pet them, enjoy their presence, and share the warmth of your heart and body.

A cat will feel your love. Consequently, your home predator will be grateful. Your pet will give back that kindness and care you have about them for sure.

To Sum Up

Animals can have a bad mood, just like humans do. It is wise to check if your cat does not just try to sleep and rest alone before you conclude they are sad and need to be cheered up.  

To boost your kitty’s mood, you can try bringing new toys and tasty treats, using catnip, and teasing them a bit. However, the main point of impact is the time and attention you fully devote to your cat.

Take care of your pets, people! They’ll return your love for sure!

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