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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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How to Connect with your Children

how to connect with your children

Would you like to feel great and have fun with your family this summer?  If you answered “Yes” , I have the magic answer for you.  Just do what your kids are doing, no questions asked, just do it.

The other day, my 12 year old son was telling me about the different things he does for his junior lifeguard program and I was floored.  He said, “So after our running drills, we put on our swim fins and swim past the waves to the kelp beds. When we get there, we find an opening and just swim through kelp.  It’s so much fun!” When finished sharing, I said “Sounds fun, I wish I could do that.”  And then he said “You can. How about after junior guards you and I can swim out there and you can check it out?”  My first response to his invitation was “No way, I can’t do that,” but then my next thought was “Why not?”

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